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The Daily Backlog 129

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To play or to analyze? That is the question. I ponder on zoning out and playing for fun, versus playing for the blog!!

It’s a Whole Thing

Good day backloggers!! Something I’ve been thinking about ever since I started The Backlog Odyssey was how to approach playing games when it came to writing about them on the blog. Would I be zoning out playing a game purely for funsies? Or would I be putting on my thinking cap, analyzing every aspect of the game, while also taking notes and screenshots? To be perfectly honest, the former is something that doesn’t happen quite as often as it used to. You know, on account of me wanting to at least talk about each game I’m playing, to some degree. However, it’s not quite as black and white as those two points. It’s more of a gradient and there are a few factors that determine how, when, and how much I talk about a game on The Backlog Odyssey. Also, you may notice a lot of Bloodstained screenshots in today’s post. That’s because I have no idea what types of pictures to put in here. That and I’m currently playing Bloodstained and I have a lot of them!! So, enjoy!!

A wise truth saying backlogger once said to me, “I feel you should always play for fun”. Which is a very important statement, and the primary reason I play video games. To have fun. But, after starting the Backlog Odyssey, I also came to the realization that studying, researching and analyzing games is also very fun, and rewarding! At least to me anyways. But to do that with every single game I play, would be difficult. Truthfully, it would probably melt my brain and the juices would expel from my nostrils or something. Which would then get all over my keyboard and most likely taint it for life. Forcing me to get a new one, not to mention the whole having to clean it up ordeal. It would be a whole thing. That may have been unnecessarily graphic but that’s what happens when you deprive yourself of the lifeblood that is caffeine. Another life lesson for those of you who are wondering. One that you can take to the bank if you like… 

Inspiration is Key

It could be a variety of things that determine if I’m going to mention a game briefly, write some impressions or do a full on review. Written or otherwise. Things like it’s length can be a factor; is it so long that I just get burnt out and want to just finish it? I actually have a harder time talking about longer games, because it just feels like I’m repeating myself. Which also leads to another point; does it have enough interesting content to talk about? A game may be super fun, but if all I can say is I did the same thing again and again, it’s not exactly the most entertaining thing to write about or to read! And finally, am I just having too much fun with it. So much so, that I forget to jot down my notes or take screenshots. Those are usually the games you’ll just see a quick mention of, here and there, in my daily updates.

What really determines how much I talk about a game, especially when it comes to wanting to do something a little more long-form, is how much it inspires me. Does it have an intriguing history, is the gameplay unique and fun, or do I get those nostalgia feels the second I boot it up? And each of those factors can weigh in to varying degrees, regardless of if the game is outright good or if it may be a little less than par for the course. Honestly, even if a game truly inspires me and has a fount of fun content to talk about, my desire to actually do anything with it could be squashed by the fact that I’m having too much fun to care. Though in those cases, I usually end up doing something eventually. 

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a perfect example of that. I feel like I have so much to say about it, but because I’m having so much fun and just want to be absorbed by its world, I’m having a difficult time going out of my way to analyzing it. Which is probably why you haven’t seen much of it on the Daily Backlog. That’s not to say you won’t see a full review and mostly likely a Backlog Review video. Because I think that would be super fun to do, and talk about!!

What’s funny, is that when I look back on all the games that I’ve played, and the ones I tend to focus more on, it’s the indie games. Maybe it’s because everything that can be said about the more mainstream games out there has already been said. That and I very much like sharing those hidden gems you happen to stumble upon during the all too frequent backlog building flash sales.


Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! I think what I really enjoy about all of this, is being able to play games and share them with all of you. Whether it’s in passing or through lengthy heated debates about the nuances of Dark Souls lore. Regardless, I’ve been having a ton of fun over here, and I hope you all have been enjoying my musings as well.

Until tomorrow folks, have a great rest of your hump day!!

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