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The Daily Backlog 137

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While the backloggers away, it’s the handhelds we’ll play! And what better way to switch it up than by playing Mighty Switch Force!!

The Weekend Away Dilemma

Good day backloggers!! It’s been a few days since my last update, but that’s because the fam and I have been on a bit of a weekend excursion! That may have bled into the beginning of the week. But fear not my friendly neighborhood backloggers, work was still being done on the backlog. You know, when I wasn’t getting sunburnt, worn out from chasing the kids around and getting high scores on the Galaga cab. That last part may or may not have happened, but I did get to play an actual Galaga arcade machine! Which was pretty dang exciting!! However, we’re not here to talk about “high scores” and sunburns. No, we’re here to talk about the most important part of my trip, at least to this blog – my backloggin’ progress!

Before we get to the actual game, let’s rewind a little bit to late last week, to get the full perspective of my backlog journey over the weekend. You see, it all began the morning of the trip. I was debating what I would take along with me to entertain myself during the times we weren’t prancing around our vacation location. So basically, after all the kids went to sleep. Since the Switch was already claimed by my wife, I needed to select an alternative handheld. 

At first I was going to go with the original Game Boy. I still needed to play Super Mario Land 2 and I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to get it knocked from my backlog. But then I was thinking I would need to find a consistent light source. I know I could have taken the Game Boy Advance SP, but what I really wanted was that classic Game Boy feel. That and I wasn’t sure if I was really in the mood for a Mario game. Then I looked over at my fancy white and orange New 2DS XL. The little handheld that I’ve been neglecting for a while now. My mind was made up.

The question was – what would I play on it? My gut reaction was to play Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow again. I’ve been on this Castlevania kick lately and it would be fun to replay the portable little brother to Symphony of the Night. But then I wouldn’t really be making any headway on the backlog. Which is ok, but it made me hesitate. Then after watching my inner turmoil for a good chunk of the morning, my wife made a wondrous suggestion. Why don’t I just buy a game on the 3DS and take that with me. I mean, why didn’t I think of that?!

The only real problem I was running into was, I haven’t really been keeping up with 3DS releases, so I didn’t really know where to start. That’s when I remembered Wayforward (of Shantae fame) recently released a collection for a series I’ve been wanting to play for a while now, Mighty Switch Force! And where did the series start? On the 3DS!! Perfect!! So I promptly jumped into the Nintendo eShop and picked up the first one. I restrained myself though and didn’t buy its sequel because I knew I would want to pick up the collection on the Switch. And now that I’ve played it, I can confidently say, they’re great games!

Time to Switch it Up

Mighty Switch Force is a puzzle platformer where you take control of one of the elite members of the Switch Force who is tasked with capturing the fugitive criminals that escaped your clutches. To do that, you’ll be controlling your “Switch Power”, to alter the position of various types of platforms in order to navigate the labyrinthine stages they’re hiding in. 

For a long time, I kinda avoided playing the Mighty Switch Force games. Sure they were developed by one of my favorite indie developers Wayforward, but in my eyes (at least at the time), they just didn’t seem to live up to my beloved Shantae. I’m not sure if it was their puzzle mechanics or what, but for whatever reason, I wanted nothing to do with them. That was until, I played Shantae: Half Genie Hero where a Switch Force DLC was added. Basically all it did was give Shantae a Switch Force costume and turned Half Genie Hero into a Switch Force game, but that’s all I needed to be convinced! It’s also when I discovered that the switching mechanics found in these games were way more fun than I would have expected!

It was such a simple thing, switching the position of the blocks to create platforms and such. But the way that Wayforward mixed it up and added clever puzzles on top of it, truly made it an addictive proposition! So when I finally picked up Mighty Switch Force on the 3DS, I was happy to see that it was just as great there. If not even better! I say that because it was an entire game dedicated to that mechanic and one where the devs really took their time to create engaging and fun ways to use it. It also didn’t hurt that the typical Wayforward style, humor and music were there as well!

It was fun trying to capture the criminal girls found in each stage, and it was even more fun trying to challenge myself by completing each stage under the par time! Then if you can finish each of the 16 challenging stages, including a boss fight that was completely unexpected, you’ll be greeted with even more challenging bonus stages!!

Now that I have Mighty Switch Force under my belt, I can honestly say I was missing out this whole time. I should probably have played them much much sooner. But, it kind of works out, because with the release of the Mighty Switch Force collection, that comes with all of the games including the HD remake of the first one, I have no excuse not to play them now! 

Day One Hundred and Thirty Seven

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today!! It’s been a long weekend and although it’s back to work and all that adulting stuff, I’m glad to be backlogging again and excited to talk to you all some more!

Until tomorrow folks, have a great rest of your wedNESday!!! 

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