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The Daily Backlog 32

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Week Six Coming in Strong!

Good morning fellow backloggers and welcome back!! It’s week 6 of The Daily Backlog and that means more gaming, more shenanigans and more of something else that I’m sure I’m forgetting.

So, just as a reminder, I set up a new schedule for The Daily Backlog! That being Monday through Friday and leaving the weekends open for some top notch game playing!! And of course just as I set up this new schedule late last week a momentous event occurred!! I completed Monster Hunter: World!!

I know, I know, I didn’t think it would ever happen. And now that it’s finished there’s a bit of a gaping chasm in my soul. I mean, that was my wife and I’s evenings for literally that last two months! It was one of the games that I used to pad out these posts. It was THE Daily Backlog since the very beginning!

It’s funny because once we finished the game I had the biggest urge to write all about it on Saturday, but I controlled myself and just fidgeted around all day anxiously awaiting until today when I could finally announce my achievement to the world!

Speaking of Hunting Monsters

So, how was the end of Monster Hunter? Well, not quite as epic as I was hoping and not quite as difficult either. The final two monsters we ended up fighting were the effluvial Vaal Hazak and the humongous crystalline Xeno’Jiiva. Two of probably the coolest monsters we’ve fought to date.

First up was the final of the three Elder Dragons we needed to track down. And I’m not sure if we just fought these monsters in the wrong order but the Vaal Hazak was probably the easiest of the three. He was also probably one of the most intriguing and coolest monsters between them.

You end up fighting this loose rotting skinned “lich” dragon at the bottom of the Rotten Vale where he was hiding under a huge pile of monster corpses. Luring in all the unaware Girros. Luckily I happened to be wearing the proper armor and equipped the proper element on my bow before jumping in so it ended up being super easy. It also helped that he was slow and easy to dodge. The only real challenge he ended giving me was with his arena-covering effluvial breath. Which if you stay in it too long basically cuts your max health in half. But as long as you have a good supply of Null Berries to counteract this status affect your good to go!

Once defeating the Vaal Hazak the wife and I were worried that Monster Hunter would pull a Monster Hunter and throw us 10 more monsters to fight before we got the final battle. But, fortunately, Capcom went against the grain and threw us right into the end of the game. And after what seemed like an hour long cutscene it was time for us to tackle the Xeno’Jiiva!

And this guy was huge! Probably at least three or four time larger than the largest monster we’ve fought to date. He was cool too, all blue with six glowing red eyes and loved to shoot laser beams in all directions!

But despite its size, the Xeno’Jiiva was pretty much a cake walk. And unlike with the Vaal Hazak where having the right armor and weapon equipped made the fight easy. The Xeno’Jiiva was just all around easy. He may have been big, but he was very slow and very easy to predict. I was able to pull off my charged attack, “the dragon piercer”, multiple times without fail and without too much risk to getting punished. The biggest thing with this fight was just how long it was. It was really more of a test of our endurance than anything else.

Not to say that the Xeno’Jiiva didn’t have some devastating attacks if you got hit! But that’s only if you got hit. Generally, you could see it coming from a mile away and dodge as needed. And after almost the entire allotted 50 minutes for the battle, we were able to take it down! Monster Hunter complete!!

Well, not technically since you could pretty much play this game forever. I mean, we finished it at the current Hunter Rank cap of 16, but this game allows you to level up to 99! Only after finishing the main story did we unlocked the new HR cap of 29! So yeah, easily another 200 to 300 more hours left in that game if we so desired to allow Monster Hunter to consume our life whole heartedly.

What Now???

Phew, and with the all consuming Monster Hunter: World out of the way – what now? Well, it’s time to focus on finishing up Fairy Fencer F! Happily, I was able to get a good deal of it in over the weekend. I’m guessing I’m at the midpoint of the story now since I just unraveled a big twist in the plot! But I promise, I won’t spoil it for you.

Also, after looking up the average playtime for the main story in Fairy Fencer F (about 31 hours) I should have about 10 to 15 hours left. Depending, of course, on how much of the sidequests and other high jinks I decide to tackle.

And then there’s Resident Evil 2. Which is sitting on my shelf right now mocking me. But, I’ve resolved that I’m going to try and sink as much time into Fairy Fencer F as possible before starting it. Which I’m planning on starting this coming weekend. And if Fairy Fencer F isn’t finished by then, it’ll probably be relegated to the “side game I play occasionally” pile.

Regardless, I’m super excited to keep playing Fairy Fencer F. The more I play it the more it’s really growing on me and I’d really like to see it through to the end. I’ll be sure to report back with some more detailed details throughout the week!

Oh, and if you’d like to listen to my full review of Monster Hunter: World then check out Episode 3 of the Backlog Odyssey Podcast!

32 is 40% of 80

That’ll do it for today my friends! A big update for Monster Hunter and the first completion of February!!! Yay!

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates throughout the week and who knows?! Maybe we’ll have another completion before the end of the week. And of course, there’s that Resident Evil 2 looming around the corner.

Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your day!!

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