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The Daily Backlog 33

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Good afternoon backloggers! Another day, another daily backlog as the saying goes! That’s a saying right? Well, if it isn’t – it is now!!

And today, I want to talk about yet another game I alluded to last week that the fine folks at Idea Factory were kind enough to send me a review code for. A game I can finally spill my guts on now that the embargo has been lifted! A game… ok I’ll stop stalling.

That game is Death end re;Request which you probably already guessed since it’ in the thumbnail for today’s post! That’s right, another JRPG and this time it has a semicolon lodged right in the middle of the title! I gotta say though, I’m kinda digging all of this JRPG love lately. It’s one of those genres that I’ve always been a fan of, but it’s also the type of game that I never think to pick up. Either that or it gets picked over. So, thank you Idea Factory, I really appreciate it and it’s great experiencing a genre I haven’t really given much of a chance in recent years. And of course sharing my thoughts with all of you!

Last week I took a look at Record of Agarest War Marriage, and where it seemed a little low budget and didn’t exactly inspire me to want to keep playing it (at least right away), Death end re;Quest seems much more put together and interesting. So you may see me playing it sooner rather than later!

Inception JRPG Style!

In Death end re;Quest you play as Shina, a creator of the fictional virtual reality MMORPG World’s Odyssey (apt!!), who is apparently stuck in the game with no escape. After her “real” body went missing in the real world Shina must complete the game by reaching the end and activating the “Ending Engage” which will force a restart of the world and log her out. She’s not alone though because her prior work colleague Arata (also a programmer for this game) is helping her from the outside and “hacking” various parts of the system to give her an edge.

Definitely an interesting concept that echos many of the same themes you’d see in anime like Sword Art Online and Overlord. One thing I will say though, is that it’s weirdly intense, morose and violent! Which kinda blindsided me considering how colorful and fun the graphics are. Though I probably should have learned my lesson after playing Iconoclasts. Looks can be deceiving I hear!

But I certainly can’t complain as the character design and artwork is very well done and highly polished! The voice acting is on point as well. Well, except for the main characters incessant need to voice every single grunt and groan in an unnecessarily breathy and orgasmic way. That’s anime for ya!!

Gameplay-wise Death end re;Quest plays very similarly to my most recent JRPG excursion, Fairy Fencer F. Where you take turns with the enemies attacking and hurling fancy magic spells at each other until one of you runs out of HP. You can free roam the arena while you’re in battle, but that’s really just to position yourself before launching the attack. One thing that Death end re;Quest does differently than Fairy Fencer F though, is it really leans into the whole idea that you’re inside a software application.

And what I mean by that is that your connection to the real world, Arata, is able to manipulate the world, allowing you to do things like pass through barriers that would otherwise be impassable and give you certain benefits during battle. You’ll also encounter “bugs” in the system and strewn across the stage during fights that’ll corrupt your character’s avatar. Since I’m only about 2 or 3 hours into the game so far I haven’t seen too much of what it can do to you (other than transform you into a glitchy badass), but I’m guessing it’ll also be used against you at some point. Very fun and a cool idea!

My only real complaint about his game so far is the shear amount of dialog you have to wade through. Luckily it’s mostly voiced, but I think in the 2 or 3 hours I played so far, I got to actually play it for about 30 minutes and most of that 30 minutes was running around testing if doors were locked. And although it does have the occasional “in engine 3D cutscenes”, for the most part you’ll be watching the exquisitely detailed character portraits flapping their gums at each other.

All in all, I’m really enjoying the game so far and if it wasn’t for Resident Evil 2 showing up on my doorstep (and you know I can’t ignore that) I’d probably be playing it right after I finished Fairy Fencer F. But since Leon and Claire are calling my name, it’ll probably be pushed until after this month’s podcast. If you like fancy anime artwork, lots of dialog and a brooding techno-punk storyline then definitely check it out when it’s released on February 22nd for the PS4!

Death end re;Request

33 Vertebrae in the Human Spine

Welp, I think that’ll do it for today my friends. I really wanted to talk more about Fairy Fencer,but I thought it only right to give you my thorough first impressions on Death end re;Quest since the embargo was lifted today. Be sure to stop by tomorrow because I got some words to spread all over this site about that game. It’ll be the mustard to the blog that a pickle is to a hamburger. Yeah, I don’t know either.

Anyways, have a great rest of your day and I’ll see you with more updates tomorrow!!

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