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Hey! That’s not a JRPG!

Good morning Backloggers! It’s Thursday, so it’s that time again to do the things we do every other weekday! What? Did you think it was something special or something? Ha, it’s not Friday silly.

Anyways, I was kidding earlier because today IS a special day! Today is the day that Reverie: Sweet As Edition releases on the Switch! And Eastasiasoft was kind enough to send me a review code so I can take a look at it! Thanks Eastasiasoft!!

I’ve actually had my eye on this game for quite a while now, but never really got around to pulling the trigger and picking it up when it was first released on the PS4 and Vita early last year. I seen it here and there across the internets and what really drew me to it was it’s charming and simplistic pixel art. Which was very reminiscent of Earthbound.

So, needless to say, I’m pretty excited to be given the opportunity to try this game out and talk about it!

Earthbound Meets Zelda Meets StarTropics

Reverie starts off with the main character traveling to a fictional island off the coast of New Zealand to visit family. Once you arrive it doesn’t take long before you discover that various objects on the island have been possessed by malevolent spirits and it’s up to you to set them free and stop them from terrorizing the inhabitants of this peaceful island.

Honestly, the story doesn’t seem all that exciting, but what it does do is give you an excuse to explore this unique Zelda-esque game. Which I’m perfectly fine with. And although it resembles Earthbound in its esthetics, the dialog isn’t quite on the same level. Where Earthbound was cheeky and clever this game just seems to use it’s story as a vessel for the gameplay instead of it being a compelling reason to keep playing. Luckily, the gameplay holds its own so that isn’t a worry anyways.

So far I’ve only completed the first dungeon and although the graphics were what brought me to the game, it’s the Zelda style action RPG gameplay that convinced me that I definitely need to keep playing it. But like Resident Evil 2, I think I’m going to wait until I complete Fairy Fencer F before I really sink my teeth into it! And believe you me, what I’ve played so far has really convinced me of that.

Like Zelda, you’ll collect various items that’ll help you complete the puzzles in each dungeon as well as a variety of unique weapons to defeat the enemies. Which isn’t too surprising for a game like this, but it does handle really well and I love the fact that everything you collect is just an ordinary everyday item. Like a cricket bat for your initial weapon, or a slice of pizza to refill your health. Because of that Reverie gave me the same vibes that the classic NES game StarTropics did. It wouldn’t surprise me if I got a Yo-Yo at some point!

For the little bit that I’ve played thus far, Reverie seems super fun, charming and unique and I think that Rainbite Limited did a fantastic job of giving us a classic Zelda style game that we can now play portably on the Switch! If you’re at all interested you can buy it right now on the Nintendo eShop for $12.99!

Reverie: Sweet As Edition

And Definitely expect to see more of this game in the very near future on The Daily Backlog! I’m really excited to dive deeper into it and see what else Reverie has to offer!

35 Lbs in a Kg

Well my friends that’ll do it for today! Another great game to fill up your backlog and definitely be sure to come back tomorrow for more backlog shenanigans! I’ve been making some good progress in Fairy Fencer F and I think I’m getting pretty close to the end. I also have to say dropping that difficulty so I can focus on the story has really revitalized my desire to keep playing it.

I’ve also been thinking a whole bunch more about the nuances of how I’m going to track my backlog going forward. And it might have something to do with me making some progress on building my very own Backlog Tracker for the blog. I also need to think about how I’m going to handle these surprise games that keep popping up in my backlog. So I may have to talk a little about that in the coming days. *cheeky wink*

Until then, have a great rest of your Thursday!

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