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No More Fairies to Fence

Good day one and all! It may be Monday, but after having to work through the weekend implementing a huge upgrade for our Student Admin system, everyday has bled into the other. For all I know, it could be Tuesday, April 2nd 2032. Yep, it has been that kind of week!

It’s not all bad though, because even though it has been a super busy week, I was able to knock another big JRPG off the ole backlog! That’s right, Fairy Fencer F is finally finished! This time around though I don’t feel quite as empty as I did when the wife and I finished up Monster Hunter: World.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed playing the game, but after the 35 hours or so that I put into it, it was kinda dragging a bit. Near the end I was just trying to find shortcuts around the actual gameplay portions of the game so I could just see the story to the end. For example, after lowering the difficulty to the lowest setting, the battles became easier, but they were still too slow for me. So that discouraged me from entering battles when I didn’t need to.

And that’s when I discovered the fast forward feature! Basically it allowed me to hold the L button and it would fast forward through all the battle animations! Taking 5 minutes battles and boiling them down into less than 60 second battles. The only real problem with that though was now the battles were just me mashing buttons and seeing numbers flying by left and right. But I was ok with it, I was losing interest in the battle system anyways and now I could speed through to the story bits.

The final battle was pretty simple as well. Even at this point the DLC gear I received basically made me invincible! I think I beat him within a few minutes so no different than any other encounter in the game. Kind of disappointing and a little deflating. Even after the final boss was defeated not a single credit was rolled. I mean, I did get some pretty end screen artwork but then the game pretty much just dropped me right into new game plus. I like me some new game plus action, (not that I’m going to play it) but come on! Give me some fan fare! Make me feel SOME form of accomplishment!

All in all Fairy Fencer F was fun, but the fact that it was zero challenge made it a bit of a grind at the end. If you’re at all interested you can find the game right now on the Nintendo Online shop for $39.99. If you want a little more of a challenge though or you don’t want to mindlessly mash the attack button, maybe avoid equipping that DLC gear!

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force

A New Chapter Awaits

Now that I’m finished freeing furies and fencing fairies what’s next you may ask?! Well, now I can finally start Resident Evil 2! And guess what, that’s what I did my good friend! I haven’t gotten too far yet, maybe about an hour or so into the story, but I’m loving it so far!

The first thing you’ll notice when you start the game is that the graphics are phenomenal! Which isn’t too surprising considering Capcom is using the same engine they used for 7, (the RE Engine) which was a mind blowing experience in its own right. I also love that you instantly get the same vibes you got from the original with just enough new additions to make it feel fresh. Everything from the scenery, to the ingame dialog, it just feels right and I’m excited to explore the world further! I’ll absolutely keep you all up to date as I make more progress in it.

I’ve also picked Reverie back up on the Switch which is another great ode to games of the past. I think I’m about halfway through it so far and the little details that Rainbite added to the game make it so satisfying to play. Since it’s short I’ll try not to say too much about it though so you all can experience it for yourself. I’ll also have a full review of Reverie on this month’s podcast! At this point though, I’d definitely put this game on my must play Switch games list. If you’re looking for a fun Earthbound meets Zelda style game to play you can’t go wrong with Reverie.

37, The Centered Hexagonal Number

Well my fellow backloggers, that’ll do it for today! I’m really excited to dive deeper into the new games I’ve started from my backlog and I’ll most certainly be talking more about them in the coming days and weeks. Also, with the February podcast just around the corner I sent out a new poll asking you all to help me figure out what type of games we should play for the March podcast! And in the spirit of the Valentine’s week the first poll has you choosing from the below categories:

Games that start with “L”

Games that start with “O”

Games that start with “V”

Games that start with “E”

See what I did there?? *wink wink*

So, if you’d like to steer the boat toward what we’ll being playing and talking about next month be sure to cast your vote here. The poll finishes up tomorrow!

Oh and you may have noticed that my Backlogged games list may have shrunk a bit since last week. That’s because I did some housekeeping and found some duplicates and completed games that I missed when I initially put it together! So yay for artificial progress!!!

Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your Monday!!

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