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The Daily Backlog 38

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L.O.V.E. is in the Air

Good afternoon my fellow backloggers!! This is the point where I usually try to start off the post with a witty or silly anecdote, but my brain is a little fried today,so instead I’ll add this…………………. I thought I had something, but I guess not!

So yesterday I mentioned that I sent out a poll to all of you wonderful readers to help me select which category of games we’ll be playing for the March podcast. Which included choices for all games that started with the letters either “L”, “O”, “V” or “E”. And let me tell ya you all pulled through! I’m so dang proud of you! After 11 whole votes it was promptly decided that V was the letter of choice. I mean, it wouldn’t have been my first pick, but I guess my powers of persuasion didn’t work so well this time around. I may need to make some adjustments on the persuasion machine from the backend… I mean, what machine???

And of course I once again enlisted my wife to randomly choose four games to fit this category. Which I’ll be posting for all of you to weigh in on very, very soon. We’ve got some interesting titles to choose from and I’m excited to see what she comes up with. So stay tuned!

This Police Station is Ridiculous

But it’s not all about the games we’re going to play here on The Daily Backlog, it’s also about what we’re currently playing! And I was able to get a good deal of both Resident Evil 2 and Reverie in since we spoke yesterday.

I’m getting closer and closer to the end of Reverie with maybe one or two more dungeons left before I see the credits roll. But instead of diving right into solving more block pushing puzzles and shooting nerf darts at moving targets I thought I’d explore the map a bit and try and clean up the collectibles, as well as, some stray trophies.

Actually, the only real collectibles in Reverie are the feathers of domestic New Zealand birds strewn about the world. It’s weird, but hey, vidja games am I right?? Typically you’ll find these feathers in hidden areas throughout the game, but occasionally you’ll be awarded one for beating a mini game or completing a side quest. It didn’t take me too long to find the ones I was missing though. Mostly because there’s only about 20 feathers to find total, (and I was only missing two or three) but it was fun trying to sniff them all out!

The funnest part about this pre-end-game cleanup though has been trying to get these orthodox trophies! They’re silly and pointless, but they add charm to the game and I love it! For example, one the trophies was to go into your menu and switch the option “Pineapple?” off. This in turn removed all traces of pineapple found on the pizza slices you collect for health! So weird but it’s one reason I’m going to be sad when I roll credits. It’s all ending too soon!

I, on the other hand, have much more Resident Evil 2 to look forward to. I’m still not too far into it yet, but I did just run into my first Licker! Those things get me everytime! It still blows me away how good of a job Capcom did with this remake and I’m really looking forward to putting a big chunk of time into it. I will say this though, it has been a long time since a game has made me jump while playing it and Resident Evil has made me yelp on multiple occasions all ready! Even my wife jumped a few times and she wasn’t even playing!

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Welp my friends that’ll do it for today! It’s time to get back to work, drink lots of coffee then play lots of video games!

Until tomorrow have a great rest of your evening!!

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