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The Daily Backlog 39

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Revving up for another Completion!

Good morning everyone!! I can’t even believe it! I may actually get this post out at a reasonable time today. I mean, I’m currently fighting off Mr. Tobias as he tries to “snuggle” me while I type, but work is being done.

This is mostly because yet another game has been knocked off the dusty ole backlog! And that game my friends, is Reverie! As I’ve mentioned in the past few posts Reverie has been a delight to play and it really nails that Zelda gameplay style while still retaining its own identity. It was a breath of fresh air that I was able to beat the game so quickly as well. After sinking a combined total of about 50000 hours spread across Monster Hunter: World and Fairy Fencer F I was more than ready to play something short and sweet. And that’s exactly what Reverie offered.

For the most part Reverie was a pretty easy to play and straight forward game, but let me tell ya, that last dungeon gave me a run for my money. Not that it was really all that difficult, but the folks over at Rainbite decided to pull out all the stops for the amount of enemies they threw into each room and the complexity of the puzzles. I don’t think I died a single time at any other point in the game and then this dungeon came around and stomped my dreams of a no death run into the ground.

Honestly, it was probably because of how long the dungeon was. The enemies just whittled away at my HP until I was a puddle of pixels on the cold stone floor. It didn’t help either that when I died I got sent all the way back to beginning. Luckily, I didn’t have to reload from my last save or anything but it was a pain in the neck to have to drudge all the way back to where I left off. There were of course a few warps here and there to alleviate this once I got far enough into the dungeon, but the rooms full of deadly enemies didn’t make it any easier. When it came to the last boss though, he was a bit of a push over. Especially after finding that fancy feather cloak thingy I got from collecting all of the feathers in the game. Basically it made me invincible for a short amount of time. But after some intense energy ball ricocheting I was able to take him down in no time!

After rolling the credits a new “secret” dungeon unlocked, but I’m not sure I’m going to play that. It’s similar to the “trials” in some of the Zelda games where you go room to room defeating a combination of difficult enemies. Which is fine, but the combat was one of the least fun parts of Reverie so I may just stay clear. I do appreciate bonus content like that in games though!

I gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed Reverie and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any Zelda fan or any fan of gaming for that matter. It was short and to the point which is a nice change of pace! If you think Reverie sounds fun then be sure to check it out on the Nintendo eShop and support Rainbite! They seem like a great new Indie dev to keep an eye on!

Reverie: Sweet As Edition

And be sure to stop by later this month for my full review of the game in The Backlog Odyssey Podcast!

The Tyrannical Tyrant

I was able to get some more time into Resident Evil 2 as well! And this time around it wasn’t just the Lickers and hoards of zombies hindering my ability to be a good R.P.D. rookie. This time I encountered the infamous day ruiner in a trench coat and fedora, the Tyrant! And man, I wasn’t just saying it either, this guy really does ruin your day.

I first encountered him after extinguishing the fire caused by the crashed helicopter that was blocking the path between the police station roof and the police station proper. He just kinda stomped out of nowhere, flung the helicopter out of the way with one hand and proceeded to bee line it for me! Of course I panicked and doubled back to the safe room and cowered in the corner for a few minutes before I was sure he was gone.

One thing that Capcom did a great job of is making you fear this guy. Now that he made his appearance, you’ll occasionally hear his lead footed stomps throughout the precinct. And this does two things to you, it makes you paranoid and it makes you careless because all you want to do is not encounter him. And when you do run into this big boy his cinder block fists put you in your place pretty dang fast. Luckily, I discovered I could stun him for a few seconds if you pump his head full of lead, but that’s only after he already half pummeled me to death and left me with no bullets and a smidgen of health. But such is the life of an R.P.D. police officer!

I’m getting further and further in the game and starting to reveal some of the juicier Umbrella conspiracies so I’m really looking forward to playing more. I can almost guarantee I’ll have more to say tomorrow so be sure to stop by and lend me your ears! Or eyes I guess since you’ll be reading it.

39 in binary is 100111

Well my friendly neighborhood backloggers, that’ll do it for today!! There’s more residents of evil to play, but no more charming indie games to fawn over. Now that Reverie is complete I need to figure out what my next endeavor is going to be. I mean I still have Resident Evil 2, but one can only take getting crushed by a hulking and persistent mutant thingy so long before they need a side game break.

Oh wait! I may just have something like that because I just posted a poll to help me figure this conundrum out!! Be sure to cast your vote too so you can control the outcome of next months podcast! The games we ended up putting up for grabs include:

Volgarr the Viking (Xbox One)

Velocibox (Steam)

Vessel (PS3)

Velocity TD (PSP)

So stop hesitating dang it!! Go out and vote here now!

Until tomorrow my friends have a great rest of your Wednesday!

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