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That Viking is a Volgarr Guy

Good morning my fellow backloggers!! I’m back and after a day off it’s Friday!! I think that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. I’m all the way ready for the weekend and a boat load of Resident Evil 2!

So, the other day I put up my final poll for next month’s podcast where I enlisted all of you to help me choose the next game I’ll be tackling on the backlog! And in what seemed like the blink of an eye the poll closed! Below were the choices we all had the pleasure of choosing from:

Volgarr the Viking (Xbox One)

Velocibox (Steam)

Vessel (PS3)

Vector TD (PSP)

And after a torrential downpour of votes that could have easily flooded the Twitter servers (count: 6) the majority vote went to Volgarr the Viking!! If I’m going to be perfectly honest this was the game I was hoping you all would pick. I recall playing a bit of it when it was originally released and if memory serves, it should be quite a challenge to get through! Which should in turn be interesting to talk about.

Volgarr the Viking is an action platformer similar to games like Golden Axe or Rygar and was developed by Crazy Viking Studios (apt) way back in 2013. It’s available on pretty much every modern console known to man including Steam and Switch so if you’d like to play along with me jump on in! I’ll be playing it on the Xbox One and you can find that version linked below for a crispy $9.99 American dollar bill.

Volgarr the Viking (Xbox One)

I’m actually really looking forward to playing this since I kinda dropped it the last time I played it. It was tough as nails and I’m hoping to see the credits roll this time around. I probably won’t start it quite yet as I’d like to focus on Resident Evil 2 before this month’s podcast rolls around but rest assured it’ll be played! So expect to see the regular flood of tweets and updates here on the Daily Backlog all about Volgarr starting next week some time!

I Don’t Feel Like I Should Be Here

Aside from dreams of hacking and slashing as a poofy haired shirtless Viking, I did make some good progress in Resident Evil 2. Now that the Police Station is pretty much picked clean, Leon and his impractically-heeled special agent friend Ada decided it was time to wade through the Raccoon City sewers. Which in itself is probably not good considering where they are. You know with all the infested with bloated bodies of the undead floating around down there.

The funnest part about it so far though was being able to take control of Ada for a while. She has always been a bad ass and one of my favorite side characters in the series, but this time around they gave her an interesting mechanic that should add some flavor to the puzzle solving. She has a small little handheld electronic device that can detect electrical systems and can remotely hack them. So far I’ve overloaded some exhaust fans to get into vents and destroyed incinerators to escape death. Super fun!

But it’s not all fun and games because the stupid “G” monsters exist down here as well. And man do they punish you for trying to sneak by them. Not only do they grab a hold of you and do significant damage, but they’ll occasionally poison you as well. So then you have to deal with Leon limping around and coughing! F.Y.I. bring blue herbs!!

Unless you’re really well equipped or have an infinite supply of ammo I’d try not to kill these guys either. They’re kind of bullet sponges. It’s possible I’m just missing something and they have some super easy way to kill them, but for now I’ll just try to skirt around these disgusting lumps of flesh and maggots.

40, The Third Point Gained in Tennis

Well my friends that’ll do it for today!! More Resident Evil and Viking actions are on the horizon and so is this month’s podcast! I should be recording late next week so definitely keep an eye out for that!! I’ll probably be sending out some requests for your input on this month’s theme, Wishful Remakes!! And of course be sure to come back next week for more Daily Backlog Shenanigans!

Until then my lovelies, have a great weekend and I’ll see you bright and chilly on Monday!!

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