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The Daily Backlog 42

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Technicolor Healing

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome back to the Daily Backlog! A place for old chaps, young chaps and chapped lips! And this time around we’re sponsored by video game healing items! They’ve got green herbs, they’ve got red herbs, they’ve got blue herbs, they even have red-green-blue herbs all combined!! But forget herbs because first aid spray is where it’s at. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

If you couldn’t tell by that herbaceous rant I’ve been playing a whole bunch of Resident Evil 2 since the last time we talked! And boy have I made a lot of progress. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already beaten Leon’s first playthrough and started Claire’s. And as of the time of this writing, I’m almost finished with that as well!

It’s kind of funny how quickly you can get through a Resident Evil game once you’ve played it through for the first time. It also helped that I wrote down the solutions for many of the puzzles during Leon’s playthrough so I didn’t have to go look for that random letter in the office on the 3rd floor before being able to solve them. I think on my first playthrough I clocked in at 7.5 hours and I’m thinking at my current clip I should be able to shave off a good 3 hours or so with Claire.

But, just because I wrote things down doesn’t mean I didn’t forget things as well! I mean, last night I was wandering around the police station for a good half an hour trying to find the flippin’ last chained up door so I could use my bolt cutter! Of course it was right under my nose and for whatever reason I thought I already explored that area.

It’s also really fun seeing the differences between the Claire and Leon routes. For example, where Leon received the Clover key to unlock various doors in the R.P.D. precinct, Claire instead received the Heart key and could unlock doors that Leon couldn’t. Also, instead of playing as Ada about half way through the story, you get to play as the infamous Sherry! Her sequence was probably one of the more disturbing parts of the game and it very much reminded me of the beginning portions of Resident Evil 7 where you had to sneak around and avoid the psychotic Baker family. Only this time, it was the Raccoon City Police Chief!

The differences in the story aren’t the only thing you’ll encounter playing as Claire either. She’ll get her own set of weapons including a submachine gun and an electric dart shooter thingy gun. Oh, and she gets the grenade launcher as well!!! The only real problem I have with playing as Claire is that all of her weapons take up a lot of inventory space. And that includes her ammo as well.  

I’m expecting to finish up my first Claire run tonight so I predict you’ll hear more about the B route runs tomorrow! I just need to decide who I want to play as first.

Bricks, Keys and Gems Oh My!

Inventory management and zombie stomping isn’t the only thing I’ve been up to either because I’ve been sinking a good amount of time into Strikey Sisters as well. It really has turned into my go to relaxation game since I’ve started it. If I have a few minutes in the morning before work, that’s what I’ll play. If I have a few minutes in the evening before putting my son to bed, I’ll play it then as well. Honestly the more I play it the more addicted I become.

And I mostly attribute that to trying to collect each green gem found in each stage and unlocking the secret areas. I really wasn’t joking when I said Strikey Sisters has some serious replayability. As of this morning I have about 60% of the map cleared so I don’t think I have too much longer before I beat it, but I’ll probably extend that for a bit longer due to my completionist tendencies. Well at least until I’ve gotten all of the secrets. It also seems like after you beat the game some extra stages will be unlocked so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll be like!

I also tried playing as the second player today just to see if they had any different abilities, but alas they didn’t. All it really did was move my health and stats from the left side of the screen, where I’m used to seeing it, to the right side of the screen. I was seriously confused at first thinking there was a glitch in the UI since I couldn’t see my health! Another thing I’m going to have to try is the two player mode! Single player has definitely been fun, but I think the experience will be even more hectic and interesting with an added player. I may just try to convince my wife to try it out with me tonight so I can report back to all of you tomorrow!

Risk has 42 Territories

Well my friends, that’ll do for today!! A little late again, but that’s because all I wanted to do was play video games! You can’t blame me for that right?? Right?! I’m sure I’ll have more Resident Evil 2 and Strikey Sisters shenanigans to talk about tomorrow so be sure to stop on by! And don’t forget to B.Y.O.C. (bring your own coffee!!).

Until hump day, have a great rest of your evening!

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