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The Daily Backlog 43

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Route What?

Good afternoon everyone!! Hope you had a great Tuesday and now that we’re halfway through the week that means we’re halfway to freedom! For two days…

So last night, as promised, I was able to clear Claire’s first playthrough and defeated the stage 4 “G” monster! Who, by the way, happens to be super deformed and super dangerous evolution of one of the shifty scientists that work for Umbrella. Oh and he happens to be the father of young protagonist Sherry. Maybe it has something to do with them all living 10 miles under the surface of the earth and definitely the fact that they keep stabbing themselves with highly contagious zombie viruses.

It feels really good to finish up the A sides of both Leon’s and Claire’s stories because now I can really dive deep into the meat of the potatoes and start unlocking all the cool stuff that I came here to see! One thing I will say about Claire’s story is that it definitely felt a bit easier than Leon’s. I didn’t have to take on Tyrant quite as much and then during the last boss fight I was given a huge minigun that pretty much shredded the last boss in two minutes flat!

It wasn’t all easy though. Like I mentioned before, Claire seems to have at least 20% more weapons to find than Leon and all of them take up a huge amount of inventory space, so I found myself juggling items and visiting the item chest much more often. I also found that although Claire has seemingly more powerful weapons they were never quite as effective against the bosses. Well at least the ones that you have to hit specific weak points in order to defeat them.

Now that the A routes for both characters are complete it’s time to start the B routes! After some deliberation, I landed on starting Leon’s first. Mostly because I just finished up a playthrough with Claire and wanted to change it up a bit. And right out the gate, I’m seeing some interesting differences in how the game is layed out compared to route A. For example, you start about a third of the way into the story and instead of following the same path you did during the first playthrough, you’ll basically be going through each area backwards. That means you’ll be collecting items out of order and way before you even need them! This in itself has made it much more challenging! I trained myself to do these things in a particular way dang it! I mean, they changed where all save points are located dang it!! That’s not all either because Capcom thought it would be fun to make it seem like you are following in Claire’s wake after she already ransacked each of the rooms. So ammo and healing items are much more scarce. Thanks Claire!

I haven’t gotten too far into Leon’s route B run yet, but I’m already really enjoying it. It may be a bit more challenging, but that’s definitely welcome. The remixed layout grants that game some variety and I definitely appreciate it. I’m looking forward to playing more and be sure to stop by tomorrow for more remixed RE tomfoolery!

Hey, What Podcast?!

These past few days I’ve been thinking a whole bunch about this month’s podcast. Unfortunately, I haven’t had too much time to really prepare for it yet. My initial thought was to record it this weekend, but I’m not sure I’ll be doing that. Instead I’m going to delay the recording until midweek next week, that way I have time to gather all my notes and deliver a much better product to all of you!!

I’m going to be switching up what games I’ll be talking about for it as well. I’ll still be reviewing ClayFighter, but instead of talking about Resident Evil 2 this month I thought it would be better to save it for the next one. Mostly because I want to get the full experience in before I give it my full and honest review. But fret not my fellow backloggers because there’s still plenty to talk about!! In the wake of Resident Evil 2’s absence I’ll be talking about two fantastic indie games instead. And those will be Reverie by Rainbite Games and Strikey Sisters by DYA Games! I’m really excited to talk about them because they were both well made and a super fun addition to the backlog that you can play on your Switch!!

Finally, just like the previous months we’ll have a theme for this podcast and this month is no different. On the February podcast we’ll be talking about ten games I’d like to see remade a la Resident Evil 2! And it’s not just about survival horror games either! I’m thinking of adding games from all genres so definitely stay tuned for that!! And if you have any games you’d like to see remade I’d love to hear about it!! You can send me an email or tweet at me and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll end up on the podcast! So don’t hesitate! Send today!! I’m hoping to have it up and ready for all of your ear holes by late next week!!

Interstate 43 is a freeway in Wisconsin

Well my friends that’ll do for today! I’m really looking forward to playing much more Resident Evil 2 and of course prepping for this month’s podcast! We’ll see how much trouble the route B runs of the game give me and I’m sure you’ll find out as I vent my frustrations in the coming days!

Until tomorrow, have a great Wednesday!!

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