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The Daily Backlog 44

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Another Game Strikey’d Off The List!

Good day everyone!! Another day, another game am I right? When we’re not gaming, we’re thinking about gaming and when we’re not thinking about gaming, we’re eating our games… Wait a minute, that took a bad turn! Crunchy… Tasty…

Anyways, it IS about gaming and let me tell ya fellow backloggers I have some good news today! I finished up another game on the ole backlog!! Actually, I didn’t technically finish a backlogged game since it was never really a part of the backlog to begin with. Mostly because it was a review code, but I’ll take what I can get! And that game was Strikey Sisters by DYA Games!! I was so determined to finish this game up last night that I actually picked playing it over Resident Evil 2!! I know!

Now that I’ve finished the game I can definitively say that it was an excellent, fun and unique game and it has definitely put DYA Games on my radar. I loved the mixture of the breakout style gameplay mixed with cute and cheeky graphics and of course the addition of the whole adventure game thingy. It really added a nice and unique layer to Strikey Sisters that made me want to keep coming back for more. It motivated me to keep playing so I could see what the next group of enemies will look like or how the new boss would kick my butt with it’s over the top magical attacks. Remember we’re playing a brick breaking game here!!

I’m pretty happy with my completion as well. I was able to unlock each and every secret stage and collect every green gem. Each of these things required me to collect between 60% and 70% of the coins in each stage. And if you wanted to find the keys for the secret stages it could be even higher than that! It was definitely challenging at times because the enemies really liked to ruin your day when you’re making good progress, but it was all worth it for that shiny 100% at the bottom of the map. The only things that are still left to do were capturing each of the monsters in the bestiary and finishing up each of the extra stages that unlocked after beating the game. I may revisit them at some point, but for now I think I’m satisfied.

I wouldn’t even hesitate to recommend Strikey Sisters to all of you. It was a fantastic little time waster that was extremely well made and silly. If you’re a big fan of games like Breakout or Arkanoid, but thought they could use a goofy story and 16-bit JRPG style graphics then definitely go check this out! But if you don’t like those things then we’re no longer speaking. That and you should try it out anyways.

If you’re interesting in seeing what Strikey Sisters is all about you can find it right now on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99!

Strikey Sisters

Where to Now?!

So, now that Strikey Sisters is finished what do I do now?! Well I guess I still have Resident Evil 2, but I was going to play that to death anyways. I also have Volgarr coming up, but I really want to wait to start that until the February podcast is up. That way it doesn’t get in the way and outshine the games I’m supposed to be talking about this month. And then I have Riddled Corpses EX by Cowcat Games and Diabolical Mind. Oh wait! Did I not mention this yet?!!

Well, as deduced by good friend and fellow backlogger Grrouchi Serge (the Switch “Now Playing” list gave me away!) I’m also playing this *spoilers* fantastic and addicting zombie based twin stick shooter! Which will release next Saturday on the Switch! Since it’s still a little more than a week out from release and although content hasn’t been embargoed I’ll be waiting until we’re closer to release before I say too much more about it. But let me tell you, I’m pretty dang excited about this one. Just know that I love shooters and this game already seems right up my alley. And if my telepathic powers are still working properly I think many of you will like this one as well! So stay tuned for more on that late next week!!

A 44 Sided Polygon is A Tetracontakaitetragon

Well my friends, that’ll do it for this fine and wonderful Thursday! Another notch on the game completion belt and some exciting new ones to play in the coming weeks! Also, I’m really excited to dive back into Resident Evil 2 and finish up Leon’s route B playthrough. So be sure to stop by in the coming morn for all that and more!!

Until the best day of the week, short of Saturday of course, I’ll see you tomorrow!!

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