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Hey! That doesn’t Rym 9000!

Good morning Backloggers!! It’s Monday… Yeah…

Anyways! It’s not all bad, because no matter what day it is we can always game! And boy did I get some gaming in over the weekend. If you follow me on Twitter I’m sure you can tell because I was posting gameplay clips like a madman! And one of the games I was playing was a crazy and hectic little shmup call Rym 9000. Which happens to be created by the same development studio that brought us the excellent ode to Zelda, Reverie! Rainbite Games was kind enough to send me a code for Rym 9000 so I can take a look at it and talk about it fervently with all of you! So, thank you Rainbite! It’s actually lucky they sent me this code because I probably would have been obligated to break my oath of no buying games in 2019!

The first thing I’m going to say about Rym 9000 is that from top to bottom this game’s presentation is amazing. From the visual style to it’s music this game is a feast for your senses. It may be 2D, but the techniques that Rainbite was able to employ really made the graphics unique and truly impressive. I can’t even describe it either, but if I was to use one word to portray it’s visual style, it would be that it’s extremely flashy. Both figuratively and literally. Actually, it may be a bit too flashy. So much so that it hinders the gameplay is some aspects – like not being able to see oncoming bullets! As a fan of shoot em ups you come to appreciate the variety of challenges these games offer, but that’s a pretty dang crucial thing! I mean, it’s the one thing that separates successful runs from failures really. If you can’t see where you’re being attacked from how are you supposed to dodge it! It’s like a bullet hell, but for your eyes!

Luckily, Rainbite had enough foresite to realize that not everyone would appreciate this feature so they gave us lowly users the option to significantly reduce these effects. And man does it make a difference. No longer does the screen get all glitchy when you’re damaged or when you destroy enemies and the overall flashiness is tamed down whole cloth. But being the glutton for punishment that I am, I promptly put the effects back on so I can try to be successful at Rym even if I can’t see! Honestly, I do really love what Rainbite is trying to do with the visuals despite them being so overwhelming. It lends the game a very unique feel. Though I’m sure not everyone would agree.

I mean, they even added their flashy effects to the PS4 controller LED. You know, that one that reflects off your TV screen? Typically, the light will be shining blue, but if you happen to take damage, and you definitely will, the controller starts to blink between red and white rapidly!! It’s seriously blinding when trying to play Rym in the dark. I recommend turning your lights on for this one.

One thing that I can say with certainty though, is that the music in Rym is some of the best I’ve listened to in a while. It really reminds me of something you’d hear in Hotline Miami or the like. It’s a grungy techno-ish soundtrack that you can’t help but bob your head too. It’s so dang good. Honestly, I would buy this soundtrack in a heartbeat and listen to it endlessly if I could and that’s no joke. I did the same with Hotline Miami and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to add Rym’s to my soundtrack collection that’s for sure.

It’s Not All About the Visuals

Aside from its presentation, gameplay-wise, Rym is exactly what you would want from a shoot em up. It’s fast, it’s arcadey and it drives you to keep playing so you can see what the next boss or stage is going to look like. It also motivates you to try and keep getting that high score. One thing that’s unique about this one though is that between stages you get to keep the score you acquired from the previous stage. So if you finished level 1 with 5000 points but died in level 2 you’d start level 2 again with 5000 points! Normally your score would be reset at this point. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after dieing 30 plus times in later stages I started to appreciate it.

You’ll also be able to find a variety of weapons throughout the game as you progress stage to stage. From bigger bullets to a spread in various directions. They’re all fun and for the most part useful, depending of course on the situation. If you happen to take damage you will lose that new weapon, which is a standard feature in these types of games, but you can get it back once you collect the “health” item that’ll randomly appears at certain points in the level. An interesting feature though is that when you take damage your bullets become bigger, fire more rapidly and do much more damage. Which is pretty dang cool! It allows you to have a fighting chance while you wait for that healing item to reappear. Actually, there’s some strategy to taking damage as well, because it allows you to take down some of the bigger and more dangerous enemies faster.

All in all, I’m really enjoying Rym 9000 and I think Rainbite really has something special and unique on their hands. As a genre that doesn’t innovate all that often it’s nice to see a dev try something new. Honestly, I can’t recommend it enough and if your a fan of shoot em ups I’d definitely say go out and give it a try! If you get overwhelmed easily or if you aren’t a fan of super flashy graphics though you may want to try and use that “reduce effects” option.

And of course, if you’re at all interested in checking out Rym 9000 you can play it on your PS4 or Steam! It’s available on both the PlayStation Store for $7.99 and Steam for $5.99. Oh and if you’re a fan of limited physical collector’s editions that come with sweet sweet soundtracks Eastasiasoft is selling just that for $34.99 on PlayAsia!

46 in Hex is 0x2e

Well my friends that’ll do for today!! Actually, Rym 9000 wasn’t the only thing I played during the weekend, but I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to it! In fact, I may have completed Resident Evil 2 and started a new game with my son called Hello Neighbor! Since, those two things would probably need a post all of their own I thought it best to save it for tomorrow. So, definitely be sure to stop by for my final thoughts on RE2 (am I ever really done of this game?) and my frustrations with Hello Neighbor! And although I may have completed Resident Evil 2 I’ll probably still be playing it so I can clean up all the unlockables I’ve missed. That and I still need to get through that free DLC that dropped a week or so ago.

Until then my friends have a great rest of your Monday!

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