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The Daily Backlog 47

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The “S”peed Virus

Good morning Backloggers!! It’s Tuesday, the Barry Burton of the week. He may not be all that useful and a bit of a downer, but at least he knows a good sammich when he sees one! *crickets*

If you recall from a whole 24ish hours ago I may have completed Resident Evil 2! Well, I guess technically I still have a bunch left to play, but after completing both the A and B routes for Leon and Claire, I’m thinking I’m officially done with the story content of the game. So yes, Resident Evil 2 is complete and knocked off the old backlog!

So, all that’s left to do is clean up all of the unlockables that I still have to… well, unlock and work on shaving that completion time down to less than 2.5 hours to get the S+ rank. So far I’ve been able to get it down to 2:35 with Claire and I’m thinking it won’t take me too much longer to hit my goal. The S+ rank also requires you to save 3 or less times which I certainly didn’t do on my last run with Claire, but on my current run with Leon I’m already at the NEST facility (about ¾ done) with only 2 saves and just under 2 hours so I don’t think it’ll be a problem at all. I did initially consider doing the “No Heal” run at this point as well, but after getting pummeled by a horde of zombies and losing time from dying I’m thinking I might just save that for when I’m not trying to speed through the game.

And once I’m able to S+ rank with both Leon and Claire on standard mode I may give hardcore a shot as well. I’m a little apprehensive about those runs due to enemies doing a butt ton more damage to you and the fact that you get less inventory slots, but after practicing these runs in standard mode I think it’s just about following that same strategies and being a little more cautious. Really my biggest problem is forgetting to pick up a key item when I’m near it and then having to backtrack and wade through a wave of zombies to get it. Not only do I lose time and waste bullets, but I’m also much more likely to take damage! And in hardcore mode that’ll be the difference between life and death!

I know I said it before, but I’m absolutely loving what Capcom did with the remake of Resident Evil 2. It’s really taking me back to the days when my brother and I used to race to see who could beat the game the fastest. I still have a bunch left to play before I feel like I got my fill from this game, but now that it’s nearing completion all I really want is for there to be more! So come on Capcom!! Get to it and give us a Resident Evil 3 remake!! In the meantime, while I wait for the other heavy hitting Capcom game (DMC 5) to drop in March I may actually revisit Resident Evil 7 or the HD remaster of the original RE remake!

The Creepiest Neighbor

Aside from speeding past zombies, at the behest of my son, I also booted up a game that I’ve attempted to play and beat on multiple occasions this weekend. And that game is Hello Neighbor by Dynamic Pixels.

You see, Hello Neighbor is one of those games that my son has watched being played on YouTube by countless YouTubers and because of that he’s been wanting to play it himself for a while now. Well, by play it himself he means watch me play it since being chased by the Neighbor is too “stressful”. So, once a physical edition was released for the Xbox One I promptly picked it up for him so we could “play it together”. I mean, he does still sit next to me while I’m playing it and then quickly squeals and hides under a blanket once the Neighbor pops up! It’s actually pretty fun to see his reactions to the game.

And since buying this game we’ve attempted to play and beat it on multiple occasions. Alas, with no avail. Not because it’s too difficult nor was it because my son lost interest in the middle of a play session. No, we haven’t beaten it yet because this game is buggy as heckfire! Well, at least it was the last time we played it a year or so ago. Since then I’ve heard there has been updates both for stability and content. So, after randomly being asked by my son to play it again, I hesitantly agreed. I’ve been burned by this game two or three times before, but I’ll do anything for my son you know?

The second the game booted up I started having flashbacks of almost finishing the third act and the game crashing on me and corrupting my save. But I soldiered through, this is for my son after all. And low and behold, I started having fun! I mean, the game has always been fun, just a bit frustrating. The fact that the Neighbor is so persistent and always seems to be hot on your heels can at times be infuriating. My son, of course, finds my tribulations hilarious. We’re about to start Act 3 again so expect to see some more venting on this game!

Hopefully, this time around we won’t run into any game breaking bugs and I’ll finally be able to knock this game off the backlog. Then, I’m sure, we’ll be picking up the new Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek at some point!

23 Seconds to Count to 47

Welp my friends that’ll do for today! It’ll be sad to see Resident Evil 2 go away but that void will quickly fill be filled by the hotly anticipated Devil May Cry 5 in a few weeks. Well, at least I’m hotly anticipating it! Also, expect to see more updates from the various other games on the list!

Until next time, have a great rest of your day!!

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