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The Daily Backlog 49

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Hold Up! I Need to Heal!

Good morning everyone!! It’s Thursday again which means it’s time to start stockpiling all of the super “healthy” snacks in preparation for a weekends worth of gaming. You know, those treats that you totally weren’t drooling over and dreaming about since you caved last weekend. And you get them all to yourself for hours on end! Well, unless you have a significant other or children. Then you’ll probably have to share with them I guess. Or you can buy more to make up the loses you’ve endured having to “share the wealth”.

Anyways! Between having to work late and having to wrangle a sick boy, I didn’t get too much gaming in last night. Instead, after sicky McGee went to bed the wife and I brewed a strong pot of coffee, melted into the couch and watched a whole bunch of Dragon Ball Z!

We just started season 3, which is the part of the series I was most excited about when we first started out this life long journey of rewatching the entirety of Dragon Ball Z (movies included) from start to finish. We’re right in the middle of the Frieza Saga and after the Z team wiped out the Ginyu Force, Frieza is finally getting off of his lazy buns and is finally ready to fight! Of course, Goku is injured (typical) and is sitting out on the fight for a while, while all of his friends (son included) get beaten to a pulp.

Luckily, Piccolo just showed up to save the day, but now that Frieza has morphed into his second form I’m not sure how long they’re going to last even with Piccolo merging with his doppleganger Nail! So come on Goku! Super Saiyan it up already and let’s get this party started!!

This is also the part of the series where some of the English voice actors are starting to be phased out and replaced with new ones. Which I remember being a big shock when I was a kid, especially once they make it to Vegeta and Goku’s voices. Already though, it seems like whoever is currently voicing Goku is starting to lose their desire or something because it’s getting pretty dang bad! So, after he’s replace it’ll actually be a nice breath of fresh air!

Pixel Vikings are the Best Vikings

Fear not my friends because although I may have sunk all my time into Dragon Ball Z last night, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get any gaming in! Actually, this morning, I finally started Volgarr the Viking by Crazy Viking Studio! You know, that game you guys picked for me to play this month! I was originally going to just wait until after I recorded the February podcast, but after beating all of the other games I had on the docket, I thought it was about time to fire it up!

I haven’t been able to put much time into it yet so I can’t give you all a true “initial impression” today, but already I can tell this is going to be fun! And super challenging!! I don’t think I was playing if for more than a couple of minutes when I died for my first time, and then the second and then the third. I see plenty of frustrations in my future, but I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into Volgarr.

The only real issue I’m having with it at the moment is the seemingly stiff controls that make jumping, dodging and timing attacks a little difficult. That and once you jump, you are pretty much committed so you better be sure you calculated the distance and direction correctly. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself right on top of an enemy or worse, a spike pit! I’m sure it’ll just take practice and playing it to get used to the controls, but for now it’s kinda rubbing me the wrong way.

I’m really looking forward to playing a whole bunch of Volgarr in the coming days and definitely look out for my thoughts and frustrations as I make my way through it! If you’re interested in testing it out yourself and playing along with me you can find it on the Xbox game store for $9.99!

Volgarr the Viking

49 Squared is 2401

Well my friends that’ll do it for today!! I’m sure there will be much more Dragon Ball Z in the future considering I still have 6 more seasons to go plus something like 9 more movies! And I’m super excited to finally be starting Volgar. I know it’s going to be a rough and difficult road to completion, but honestly those types of games are some of my favorites to play. I love the challenge and it’s always rewarding to finally be able to say you have that game under your belt.

Until tomorrow backloggers, have a great rest of your Thursday!!

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