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Tactical Zombie Slaying Action

Happy Friday Backloggers!! It’s finally here, the day before we’re all able to sleep in guilt free and binge zombie slaying media! Because there’s nothing like being fully rested and hacking through hordes of zombies while tastily sipping on a cup of coffee as dark and murky as the Raccoon City Sewers! That’s right, I still have Resident Evil on the brain!

And guess what?? It’s not even a joke, I really was slaying zombies left and right getting my frustrations out. And it wasn’t even in Resident Evil and it wasn’t even the weekend. Instead it was during the week and the zombies were cute and pixelated, albeit bloody and blood thirsty! That’s because I’ve been playing Riddled Corpses EX by Cowcat Games in preparation for it’s Nintendo Switch release tomorrow, March 2nd! So thank you Cowcat Games for providing me with a review code!! I really do appreciate it and I’m excited to show all of you this fun and addicting zombie dispatching simulator!!

Originally released on Steam in 2015, Riddled Corpses was developed by Daniel Fernandez Chavez and Diabolical Mind. Later the game was picked up by Cowcat Games and ported to the PS4, Vita and Xbox one in 2018 as Riddled Corpses EX, an enhanced version of the original game. And now, just a mere one day away (March 2nd, 2019), Riddled Corpses EX will be gracing the Nintendo Switch, so you can absorb yourself in manic pixelated zombie action on the go!

Riddled Corpses EX is a 2D, top-down, twin-stick shooter where you must shoot your way through hordes of zombies across five stages picking up coins, collecting and using powerful subweapons and taking down huge bullet-hell style bosses. With the EX version adding a whole bunch of enhancements that didn’t exist in the original game! Including a bump in framerate, a remixed soundtrack and a variety of tweaks to the gameplay including the addition of a story mode with cutscenes!

Modes Are the Variety of Life

And speaking of game types, you’ll be able to pick from three of them. The first being the hotly anticipated story mode! This is the mode I’ve put the most time into so far. It has you completing each stage one by one, similar to something like Castlevania. You have a map screen between stages, and the next area unlocks once you complete the previous one. In this mode you can use the coins you’ve collected to upgrade your characters, making them more powerful with larger bullets or bullet spread. I gotta say, this is one of my favorite parts because each time I upgrade my character all I want to do is dive back in to see how much more powerful their shots are and how much faster I can defeat the different types of zombies. I kinda get stuck in that “one more game” loop and the next thing I know, it’s 2 in the morning! You can also use your coins to unlock new characters with different abilities and gameplay styles that can help you in different situations. For example, one character may have double the starting life while another may make double the coins. Very fun!

You also have the ability to buy various subweapons or extra lives before you enter a stage, but I never really felt the need. Typically you’ll find enough of them from destroying the obstacles you’ll encounter in each stage, as well as from killing zombies. Not to say these subweapons aren’t useful though. The stopwatch item in particular is quite handy, allowing you to stop time for a few seconds giving you the opportunity to skirt an onslaught of bullets or zombies if you get overwhelmed. And then there’s the dynamite, which basically clears the screen of all zombies in one fell swoop.

The next two modes are the more arcadey modes that have you either trying to survive as long as possible in Survival Mode or gunning for a high score (and seeing how far you can make it) in Arcade Mode. Once I finish the Story Mode, I can see myself sinking a lot of time into the Arcade Mode. It seems challenging and fun since you start off with nothing and must work your way up through the stages with one continue. That and you know I love me some high score challenges and climbing that leaderboard!

Riddled With Care

One of my favorite parts of this game is it’s cute anime style sprite work and fantastic chiptune music! I love that all the enemies are deceivingly small and colorful, but believe you me they can pack a punch when they overwhelm you from all directions! And the soundtrack just adds to the hectic action with its thumping beats. Cowcat and Diabolical Mind have included a remix of the original tunes, but honestly I can’t decide which I like the most. The first is probably more traditional 8/16bit style music while the remixed version feels much more modern. But regardless of which one you pick, you’ll be bobbing your head and getting fully absorbed into the game as you dodge and weave between zombie dogs, pink bullets and mutated monstrosities!

I love the character designs as well, and it’s really what drew me to the game initially! I mean, look at that cover art!! It makes me super excited to play more so I can see what the other unlockable characters are like.

So far, I’ve been able to max out the level of the initial character you get and now I’m working my way up to unlocking the next. It’s a bit of a grind as the unlockable characters can be quite expensive, but the game is more than fun enough to motivate me to play it long enough to see them all. It also helps that Riddled Corpses features a 2 player co-op mode so you can share the grind with a friend! I haven’t tried it yet, but I can see my Wife and I easily losing an entire night to this game!

If I had to pick one thing I had a problem with in Riddle Corpses, it would be it’s controls. And it’s not that they don’t handle well or that they’re not responsive. It’s just a problem I have with all twin-stick shooters. I never feel like I have the ability to be as accurate as I want. And it could just be that my ability to aim is lacking, but I always find myself fine tuning my direction to hit an enemy. Especially if they’re small and doubly especially if my bullets are small, like when you first start the game. But honestly that’s a minor gripe and as a whole Riddle Corpses is a fantastic and fun game that I would recommend to any fan of shooters!

If you’re interested in checking out Riddled Corpses EX and want to compete with me for the top zombie slaying high score then you can pick it up on the Nintendo eShop tomorrow for $9.99! You can even pre-purchase it today!!

Riddled Corpses EX

Earth is 50 times the Volume of the Moon

Well my friends that’ll do it for today!! Lots of 2D zombie shooting action in my future and of course be sure to stop by next week where we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled shirtless Viking shenanigans with Volgarr the Viking!! P.S. I already finished the first stage and man did it give me trouble!! You don’t even want to know what the second stage is like! Well… you may, and that’s why I’ll be talking about it!!

Until next week, have a great weekend!!

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