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The Daily Backlog 53

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With all my current games completed, what’s a backlogger to do? Find more games to play that’s what!

Bye Bye Neighbor

Good morning backloggers!! It’s the mid-week edition of The Daily Backlog where I sit here in silence staring at you for an awkward amount of time! And then I promptly leave without a word, leaving you wondering what was up with that guy. Luckily, you’re half way through the week and there are still games to play in the world, so you have a means to take your mind off of such a strange encounter! Happy Wednesday everyone!

So, it just seems like the ole backlog is trying to set up all these games, but I just keep knocking them down! You can’t stop me backlog! I’m on a roll! I say that because last night I got another completion under my belt!! I finally finished Hello Neighbor and now I never have to play it again, at least not willingly. I’m sure my son will come to me many moons from now wanting to play it together again, and of course I will, but for now it has been laid to rest and I can move on physically and mentally… and emotionally

Actually, once I finished Act 3, the final stretch of the game really wasn’t that bad. It also helped that I used a guide to get me through Act 3 because trying to solve that overly complicated and obtuse puzzle of a house was whittling away at my sanity. But that’s in the past, I can move on I promise. No, the Final Act was quite pleasant in comparison. After sneaking my way through the basement of the Neighbor’s house I was treated to an even more insane dream sequence where I have to escape to a building resting on the back of a now 50 story high neighbor!

The puzzles in this sequence were much more straightforward and much less frustrating to solve. I really enjoyed seeing all the oversized objects strewn about that you had to use to incapacitate the neighbor. Things like dropping a giant mint into a giant cola bottle so it would rocket toward the neighbor or stealing a oversized birthday cake candle to light some fireworks. That didn’t stop Dynamic Pixels from throwing in some aspects that made you want to quit the game though!

Once you finally enter the building on top of the neighbor you’re introduced to a sequence where you must follow a child version of yourself through the house as it’s being destroyed by some humongous black ghost thingy. Unable to find where your mini-me went? Fail! Get stuck on a ledge or accidentally fall into the abyss trying to climb a ladder? Fail! Don’t stand just “so” in front of the cowering child? Double fail! I had to have gone through this part 10 plus times before I finally succeeded and the bliss of a credit roll graced my television screen!! I was ecstatic to say the least!

Thinking back on my time with Hello Neighbor I’m of two minds just like I was with Volgarr. There’s just enough fun and interesting aspects to the game that I can’t call it terrible, but it was all ruined by it’s glitchiness and frustrating puzzles. Luckily, it looks like the devs added some options to lessen the need to deal with the neighbor (which I didn’t know of until yesterday!) so that should help if I were to play it again. And I’m sure I will, because my son still finds this game to be the bees knees!

If you’re at all interested in Hello Neighbor you can find it on the Xbox One store for $29.99! If you do happen to play it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game!!

Where Did All the Games Go?!

Well, now that I’ve completed Hello Neighbor, I’m pretty much at a loss! I’ve finished all the games on the Now Playing list that I set out to finish. Actually, that’s not entirely true, I still have Riddle Corpses EX, which for some reason I keep forgetting that I need to play. I did pick it up just before bed last night and I gotta say this game knows how to hook me. I ended up staying up way too late trying to grind for gold so I could level up my new character! Which happens to give me 2x money when I use her! Which is lucky because the next character is going to require 9999 gold to unlock!

But, at this rate I’ll probably have Riddled Corpses finished soon as well which leaves me with a gaping hole until Devil May Cry 5 comes out this weekend. If that does in fact happen, I may just pick up the original Resident Evil on the PS1. You know, just for the fun of it. I really enjoyed playing it the other day when I was trying to get screenshots for my wife’s “JILL sandwich” post and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. So, if you happen to see me talking about it in the coming days, you’ll know why!

53 in Hexadecimal is 35

Welp my friends, that’ll do it for today! Another game under the belt and a void in my gaming schedule because of it! What’s a backlogger gonna do?? Play more games probably, but that was pretty much expected wasn’t it?

Anyways, until tomorrow, have a great rest of your Wednesday!!

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