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The Daily Backlog 55

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While I impatiently wait for Devil May Cry 5 to arrive I try to clean up some of those backlog loose ends!

The Devil’s in the Details

Good morning backloggers! It’s finally Friday and you know what that means?! It’s time to go to work just like any other day of the week!! The only difference is that you can plan to drink an entire pot of coffee after the hour of 8PM, invite all your friends over for a sleepover, and stay up past your bedtime watching R rated scary movies! Naughty backlogger.

There’s also another reason to celebrate Friday and more specifically Friday, March 8th because today is the day that Devil May Cry 5 will be gracing our modern gaming machines! And I gotta say I’m pretty dang excited, I actually considered taking the day off today so I could creepily watch the UPS guy from my living room window while he delivers the Amazon box to my front door. But, I thought that might be off putting, so I just decided to go to work and day dream about playing as Dante again instead of doing things like “work” and “supporting my users”.

I’ve been trying to avoid as much media covering DMC5 that I could, so when I dive into it this weekend I’ll be doing it completely blind. But of course it has been near impossible to do that. I did play the most recent demo and so far the action feels really, really good. It very much reminds me of how the game played in Devil May Cry 4 and that’s definitely a good thing. The fourth Devil May Cry doesn’t get much love, but it’s probably one of my favorites in the series and if DMC5 is anything like that then I think I’m in for a treat.

I’ve also been wishy washy with the updated character designs for some of the cast (including Nero) but I’m not going to let that deter me. I’ve always been a fan of the more “anime” and over the top styles of the games of the past, but I have faith in Capcom’s ability to deliver some fantastic graphics.

Now I guess I just need to get ready, go to work and twiddle my thumbs while I impatiently wait for my wife to send me a text that the game has arrived! And definitely expect some updates come Monday!

The Act of your Doom!

But, rolling on the floor and hotly anticipating the next demon slaying entry from Capcom to arrive aside, I’ve been working hard trying to clean up the leftover games I still have on my Now Playing list. And the first one on the docket was some more Riddle Corpses EX! I even played it co-op with my wife!!

Try as we might though, we just can’t seem to pass Act 4 of the story mode! We can consistently get about two thirds of the way through the stage, but when we encounter the second set of mini-bosses we always get overwhelmed by the massive onslaught of the skull headed demons! And we’re even max level with the characters we’re playing! I think the biggest problem we’re having is that we just can’t defeat the enemies fast enough with our current bullet power. Which mean that these hordes can easily corner us and widdle our lives down to nothing in no time flat. We did almost make it to the boss once, but then I got caught on a corner and blindly wandered into an oncoming bullet.

One cool thing we did discover though was that now that we’re gaining enough gold to buy some of the high priced “extra weapons” that they’re pretty much indispensable. And it’ll be a great way to increase our power now that our characters are at max level. The first one we tried was the MK1000 Machine which surrounds your character with two floating “options” that’ll shoot bullets in tandem with yours. It can be leveled up as well, so all we need to do now is pour thousands of gold into it so we can final beat this dang act!

Quick, Fast and in a Hurry!

I also tried to put some more time into Ghoulboy to see what else the game has to offer. The first thing I noticed is that it does actually have more than two acts! Currently I’m on Act 5 which seems like it may be the last one. I was right about the amount of bosses though because after Act 2, I haven’t encountered another one. Well, unless you count a giant snake thing that chases you through a stage while you have to jump from platform to platform hoping you won’t fall to your death in a pit. I’m guessing after one more play session I should have Ghoulboy complete!

More time with the game hasn’t really changed my opinion on it though. I thought that maybe once the stages became more challenging I would start to have more fun. Mostly, because I thought I  would be required to use all the skills I learned up to this point. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Instead, it made me dread dying because I really didn’t want to have to replay those sections and suffer through them again. Like I said in my initial impressions of the game, it just feels uninspired and a bit amateurish. But, at least it’s a short game so it has that going for it.

Shiggity Shwa? Shfifty Five!

Well my friends, that’ll do it for today! When I think back on the last week of posts I realize that many of my reviews have been kinda negative lately. Which is really too bad. I definitely don’t like having to give less than positive impressions because I know how much work goes into these games regardless of how big or small they are. I always go into a game hoping that it’ll blow me away and exceed my expectations, but that can’t always be the case. It is still fun though picking through my backlog and playing all these games trying to find those hidden gems. And even when I encounter a game I dislike at least that completed game count keeps increasing! But fear not! Because with DMC5 almost in my grasp I’m sure you’ll be getting more positive impressions than you can shake a stick at!

Until next week my friends, have a great weekend!!

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