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The Daily Backlog 57

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I ponder my inadequacies as a Devil May Cry 5 newbie and think fondly of the days when I was good at these games.


Good afternoon my fellow backloggers! Normally I’d try to put something silly way up here in the intro, but with it only being day two after the clocks have been mercilessly rolled forward I’m way too sleepy. No, instead I’m just going to stare at my computer screen for the next 5 minutes and drool all over my keyboard trying to figure out what I’m going to say. **5ish minutes later**

So, I’ve been thinking a whole bunch about Devil May Cry 5 lately. Mostly because I’ve been playing it, but also because it’s making me remember how I feel everytime I start one of these games. It always starts with excitement and anticipation as I wait for the game to release and it’s finally in my hands. Then the pure exhilaration of actually playing it and executing on all those stylish moves you sorta remember from the last game you played. And then, quite quickly, you realize you didn’t exactly remember as much as you thought you did. Now you feel like you suck at the game as the enemies beat you to a pulp and all you can get are measly B ranks on missions.

Well, I can’t really say it’s that bad with Devil May Cry 5. Actually, a lot of what I remember from playing DMC4 carries over while playing 5. Nero still has his grabby hand thingy and you can still instantly power up his Exceed if you time your L2 button presses perfectly. But it’s just different enough that I feel like I’m floating aimlessly in the flurry of white haired demon slayers. What’s funny is that although I feel this way, for some reason the game thinks I’m performing “well enough” to earn A and S ranks. *shrugs*

I think my problem at this point is that I’m thinking back to my DMC4 days when I could beat it on the Dante Must Die difficulty with ease. Flinging fancy combos and shredding up those pain in the butt lizard men left and right. You know, getting “Smokin’ Sexy Style” ranks like they were going out of style. Pun intended. No, instead I’m ambling around mashing buttons, occasionally dodging enemy attacks and forgetting to use my more powerful moves. But hey! I still remember to time that L2 button so I max out my Exceed! Which, if you didn’t know, is absolutely key to being successful in later difficulties. At least it was in Devil May Cry 4.

Another issue I have with this whole “feeling inadequate” thing is that the game switches characters on you just as you’re starting to get comfortable with them! And unlike DMC4, this game doesn’t just give you Dante where all you have to do is remember he doesn’t have the enemy grabby arm thingy. No, they give you V, who basically changes the combat style completely. But, just like the previous games, I’ll never be as good as I remember right away. If I recall, it took countless playthroughs and practice to got me there.

So, I guess the moral of the story is, Devil May Cry will kick your ass –  until you GIT GUD.

The Devil’s Plaything

I really am enjoying Devil May Cry 5 though, it’s also reminding me of why I love this franchise to begin with. I love collecting the red orbs, so I can level up and unlock all those cool new abilities. I love exploring each of the stages trying to find the secret missions! And man do they get challenging. I just beat one where I had to get to the blue orb at the end of the level without touching the ground! And, of course, my absolute favorite thing about it is all the fun characters! That includes the grotesque and demonic enemies and bosses! It has a very distinct anime vibe that I definitely dig! It very much reminds me of things like Ninja Scroll or other similar anime where the protagonists must defeat a series of increasingly weird and supernatural enemies. Metal Gear Solid did this too, and it’s no surprise that that’s one of my favorite series as well!

I’m very much looking forward to delving even deeper into the weird and wonderful Devil May Cry 5 and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me!

The square root of 57 is 7.5498344353

Well my friends, that’ll do it for today! Definitely expect to see much more on Devil May Cry 5 in the coming days, along with, all the other shenanigans I’ll be up to! My wife has a little surprise for all you backloggers later in the week too, so look forward to that!! I may have also started Xenon Valkyrie+ between my demon slaying sessions. I couldn’t resist ok?! So far it seems really fun, (not quite as much as Riddled Corpses) but I’ll be sure to report back with more details in the coming days!

Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your sleepy Tuesday!

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