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The Daily Backlog 58

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I spend way to much time trying to find secrets in Devil May Cry 5 and try to figure out that mystery of a man, V!

Misadventures of Missing Secrets

Good morning my Wednesday friends! And when I say that I don’t mean that your only my friend on Wednesday, because friendship is forever. Unless your a Monday friend, then you need to think hard about what day you really want to associate yourself with. I mean Monday is passable, but it’s definitely no Friday. Regardless, your all my friends no matter what day of the week you fall on! *Eyeballs Monday*

Anyways! We’re back for another edition of the DMC Odyssey, where I play Devil May Cry, and I guess other games, and talk about them here. For all of you. Even you Monday people. And just as promised (I don’t recall promising) I played a good deal more of Devil May Cry 5 last night! Where instead of trying to make significant progress in the story, I decided to try and find that one secret mission I missed somewhere in the past 4 missions! That and try to figure out how to use this V guy so I can at least feel good about myself when the game forces him upon me.

So, after finishing up chapter 10 in the story I’ve found 4 secret missions so far. One, two, three and five. And I gotta tell ya, there’s no worse feeling than finding a new secret mission, getting all excited that you found it all on your own, and then BAM! It’s not the next secret mission in the sequence, but the one after! Which means you missed one. Now you have to try and remember where you found mission 3 so you can scour the chapters between that one and the one your currently on. So yeah, I had no idea where to start. Well, not true, I kinda knew. I knew that mission 3 was a V chapter and it wasn’t that Nero chapter where I fought that big boss, so really it was in one of two chapters. Both of which I recall being long and both of which I recall also be V missions.

V is for Stylish

Well, it was kinda perfect because this was going to give me the opportunity to work on my V skillz. But after about 2 hours of sicing my demon panther and claptrap crow at enemies, I still haven’t found that dang secret!! I think I have an idea where it is (chapter 4 or 5 I can’t remember which) because I could see the markings behind a bunch scaffolding. I’ll be damned if I could figure out how to get there though! I really don’t want to rely on FAQs found in the neerdowell corners of the internet, but if I can’t find it within another 2 or 5 attempts I may have to resort to it. I know, shameful really.

On the bright side, I do feel like I’m getting much better at using V! I’m starting to figure out that unlike Nero you need to really take your time with him. Especially since he’s not really in the mix most of the time. Instead he sends his demonic companions, Shadow the Panther and Griffon the Crow-thing, into battle. And the key is to use your Devil Trigger wisely and not just to transform yourself and summon that giant golem Nightmare. Because if used right, it can increase the damage your “everyday familiars” can do which will result in enemies being defeated much more quickly and with sassy style! One of my favorite things to do with V though is his finishing move once an enemy has been weakened enough. He’ll zoom across the stage and plunge his old man cane into the enemy and sap all the remaining life force from them! Such a badass!

Messier 58 is 68 Million Light-Years from Earth

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! Now that I’m getting the hang of V and “breezing” through his mission, I guess I need to get back to mastering Nero again! That is until they send Dante my way! Which, I’m not going to lie, should be exciting!!

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet that completed list increased by one! And that’s because my wife was able to wrap up Stardew Valley on the Switch!! So, look forward to her review of it really really soon!!

Until tomorrow Wednesday people, have a great rest of your day!

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