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The Daily Backlog 62

I ruminate on things that all backloggers struggle with. When should I consider a game to be complete??

The Completion Dilemma

Good morning everyone!! It’s hump day again and you know what that means?! Another daily edition of the Daily Backlog! What? You thought it was going to be dirtier than that? Tsk tsk fellow reader, I think it’s time you got your mind out of the gutter! I mean, that’s where my mind went at first, but I’m just going to feign innocence and move on.

So, last night I was determined to try and beat Xenon Valkyrie+. Well, at least for the first time so that when I eventually get fed up with this whole roguelike thing, I can just move on. And let me tell ya, I’m definitely feeling the “dying and starting from the beginning” thing start to wear on me. Really, I can only take putting my all into a 40+ minute run and then swiftly dying at the last boss so much. The hard part is that I’m so dang close! I can taste those credits rolling and the sweet relief of being able to say I actually completed it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still really enjoying playing Xenon, but I can see it becoming old pretty flippin’ fast. Especially when I have other games I’d like to focus on. Like Devil May Cry 5. But here’s the thing. I’m getting that same feeling with DMC5 now as well. I’m not quite burnt out on it yet, and I’m still determined to at least finish it on the Son of Sparda difficulty, but I’m having a hard time believing I’m going to “100% it” like I did with previous titles. Which kinda makes me sad because those are some of my fondest memories of playing games like DMC4. I remember spending countless hours mastering that game and it was a blast! But that was also in my achievement hunting days and the simple motivation of seeing that ‘cheevo pop was inspiration enough to power through the hardest of difficulties. It was also a time when I had more time on account of me being a father now and all. I didn’t have a blog back then either where I was trying to create new and interesting content five days a week. So, that’s a thing too.

A Backlog Solution

So, that go me thinking. When should I consider a game complete when tracking my progress with the backlog. In some cases, I could have already finished a game, but I’m still playing it. Like Devil May Cry 5. Technically, I’ve completed the main story and now I’m just replaying it on the higher difficulties and trying to unlock trophies. And then there are games that even though I’ve never seen the credits roll, I may burn out on them. And I’m sure you all know how difficult it is to keep playing a game when you’re no longer having fun. And finally there are those games that just don’t end. Games like Animal Crossing or The Sims. You could easily play either of those until the end of time and never see a single ending screen.

That’s when I came up with a solution. I’ll consider these games complete and move on when I feel I had my fill. When I’m satisfied with my progress in them and when I feel I’ve given them enough of a chance to form a full and honest opinion. Whether that’s stopping 5 hours in or playing it 3 or 4 times after completing it. I, of course, will always try to complete a game when I play it, but I’m here to have fun and the moment that stops, then it’s time to move on. Now, for the games that I’m having way too much fun in, I’ll probably just mark them finished on my first completion. Mostly, so I don’t forget once I finally peel myself away.

Now it’s back to Devil May Cry 5 and Xenon Valkyrie+! And I’ll see how much more I can squeeze out of these games!

62 is a Nontotient Number

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today!! Since I’ve been kinda going through the same routines with the games I’ve been playing lately I thought I’d change it up and do a little bit of a thought piece. Hopefully you enjoyed!! I will of course still be playing DMC5 and Xenon Valkyrie and if I have anything new to report I’ll definitely let you know!

Also, I just received a brand new review code for a Switch game that looks like it has a bunch of potential to be really fun! And if you’re on my Switch friends list, I’m sure that’ll give me away pretty dang quick! But look forward to my initial impressions and it’s big reveal in the next couple of days!!  Finally, I’ve been working through some ideas for the next podcast’s theme so you may be seeing some info on that in the next week or two as well.

Until tomorrow backloggers, have a great rest of your Wednesday!

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