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I take a look at the quacktastic duck filled ode to Punch-Out, Pato Box by Bromio!!

A Good Day to be a Duck

Good afternoon backloggin’ people! Unless you’re up to date on all the games you own. And currently have nothing on your backlog. Makes me kinda wonder what kind of gamer you really are? I mean, buying games and actually playing them? Getting your “money’s” worth?? *pssshhh* Come on, stop being logical and budget conscientious, there are games out there to buy!!

Speaking of games to buy, I’ve been playing a little gem from our friends over at Bromio called Pato Box!! And they were kind enough to send me over a review code for the Switch edition!! So, instead of my typical daily update, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to my initial impressions of the game in lue of sinking a whole bunch more time into it over the next week or so! And believe you me, I’ll definitely be putting more time into it!

Duck Punching Shenanigans

Once upon a time, a studio name Bromio had a dream. They dreamed of bringing the classic trappings of the beloved Punch-Out to the modern age! So, wanting to realize that dream, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and by 2018 Bromio released what we now know as Pato Box on the PlayStation 4/Vita, Nintendo Switch and Steam!

If you haven’t heard of Punch-Out, first of all – where have you been all these years?! Secondly, it’s an action/puzzle game where you play as an underdog boxer pitted against brutish heavy weights and it’s your job to take them down! And you do that by memorizing your opponents tells and exploiting their weaknesses until you achieve victory! It’s no easy task either. But Bromio wanted to give us something a little more than just a Punch-Out homage. No, they wanted to add a twist to make it more interesting! They wanted to adventurize it! And they did that by adding in a full fledged story mode complete with quests, dialog choices, exploration, death, conspiracies, plot twists and puzzle solving!! This is actually the part that surprised me the most. Oh and they also made your character some sort of duck/man hybrid! So weird! But so good!

All that Punch-Out goodness is there too. Except Bromio once again spiced it up and made the fights much more interesting! Pato Box, still has fun and interesting characters to fight with unique patterns, (sometime maddening!) but they also stirred in more over the top mechanics to throw you for a loop! Like, a cyborg lady that can summon turret robots or electrified beams! It really makes these sequences fun and all I want to do is keep playing so I can see what they come up with next!

Dip, Dive and Duck

I’ve only defeated one of the characters so far, but as of right now everything gameplay-wise has been spot on. I’ve been weaving around jabs and hooks and laying the smackdown. Except when I’m not of course. Because I’ve determined I’m not very good at reading my opponent! But that’s only in the fights. I’m also able to use my brain too by solving the puzzles found throughout Pato Box’s story/adventure mode. Or completing the quests for random citizens and collecting their patokens! Yay for collectibles!

I especially enjoy exploring the Deathflock headquarters, talking to people and unraveling the deep dark secrets of the evil megacorporation behind my recent streak of back luck! I mean, you punch things to interact with them. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes. Only topped with the fact that my head is shaped like a duck. You’ll be rewarded too for you exploration because you can find notes scattered around and hidden in corners that’ll help and prepare you for your upcoming fights. Like how to deal with a character’s specific moveset.

And all this greatness is tied together with a fantastic and upbeat soundtrack with a graphic novel art style! The icing on top really.

Think Outside the Duck

Honestly, I was quite pleasantly surprised by Pato Box. I have never had much nostalgia for Punch-Out, but now after playing this game I can definitely see what all the praise was all about! The whole “learning your opponent’s patterns” thing and executing them perfectly really strikes a chord with me and I’m definitely looking forward to playing more! Because I’m sure there’s much more goofiness and duck punching to be had!

Bromio also included motion controls in the Switch version so that should be interesting. I’m personally not the biggest fan of those gimmicks myself, but for the sake of posterity I’ll be sure to try it out and report back in the next few days. And if it works well I can see it being pretty dang fun. What with swinging my arms around to take out these Deathflock baddies! I should probably warn my wife to move to another room while I’m playing it though. Because JoyCons will be a-flyin!

If you’re interested in checking out Pato Box and would like to play along with me you can find it on the PS4, Switch and Steam for $14.99! I’ll leave some links below so you don’t have to use your internet powers to try and find them yourself!

Pato Box (PS4)

Pato Box (Switch)

Pato Box (Steam)

Oh! And before I forget! For all those tangible goods collectors out there, Eastasiasoft will be releasing a physical limited edition of the Switch version on Play Asia for $29.99!

64, The Nintendo of Numbers

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! I really am having a blast with Pato Box and it came at just the right time because Devil May Cry 5 and Xenon Valkyrie+ have been complete! Well, technically I’ve only finished DMC5, but I think I’ve had my fill of Xenon. That game is unbeatable I tell you!! That’s probably not true, and I may pick at it here and there, but for now I’m considering it done. And of course I’ll be playing a whole bunch more of Pato Box. That is, if I can get this Kilpatrick character to stop roasting my peking duck!

I’ve also been thinking a whole bunch about what my next theme is going to be for the backlog Twitter poll so look forward to seeing something soon. And if you have any ideas, shoot me a tweet! It could be fun to not only get a random selection of games from my backlog, but also a random theme.

Until Monday, have a great weekend!

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