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The Daily Backlog 65

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After putting my heart, bill and soul into Pato Box for another completion, I’m stuck with the “what should I play now” dilemma!

A Duckin’ Good Time

Good morrow friendly neighborhood backloggers!! It looks like we’re off to another great week of gaming, backlog bustin’ and getting things done! I say this of course as I drag myself out of bed, begrudgingly get ready for work, devour 2 to 8 cups of sweet sweet caffeinated nectar and plop in front of my computer! Don’t blame me if I sound like a zombie though, because I’ve been infected with the Monday-virus and will be shambling through the day munching on brai… I mean snacks until I can consume my antidote (video games) at the end of the day.

On the bright side though, progress has been made on the backlog! Mostly in the form of a duck boxing completion! That’s right, I put my heart, bill and soul into Pato Box and finished it swiftly! I couldn’t help myself really, I had a blast playing it, and the fact that I could play it in handheld mode on the Switch meant I could play it tirelessly in bed until my arms got tired!

The second half of the game contained some of my favorite content as well. And some of the most interesting opponents to be pummeled by! Like a chef who hates garbage in his soup and loves wholloping you with a crawfish. Or a vinyl scratching DJ scientist that just wants to experiment with the Anas platyrhynchos genome while he swiftly jabs your auditory system with his fat beats! It really was a blast trying to figure out how to best deal with these characters and survive long enough to grant them your final blow!

The final boss was also quite unique, even compared to the rest of the Deathflock crew that you encountered earlier in the game. But I won’t spoil that for you. And if you can muster a victory with this overwhelming opponent you’ll be treated to the ending sequence, the ending credits (duh) and the ability to fight the super secret doppelganger Dark Pato! An alternate reality version of the main character, who instead of losing, won the match that set the events of this game in motion! He’s a pretty bad-duck and super hard! I mean, I could barely reach his second phase after many, many attempts. But the coolest thing is that this character was designed with the help of one of the Kickstarter backers! I gotta say, the most impressive thing about that is how solid of a character Dark-Pato turned out to be!

After playing Pato Box, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for what Bromio comes up with next! Now I just need to figure out what to play next.

It’s a-me Backlog-io!

And that’s kind of my dilemma at the moment. I just finished up Pato Box, and I have the Twitter poll up for what I’ll be playing next, (which you can find here) but that doesn’t close until Wednesday. That’s two whole days away! I can’t be gameless for that long, I’d never survive! I mean, I do have Mario + Rabbids, which I did pick back up and play a bit over the weekend. But that’s something I’m playing with my son. It’s certainly as charming, fantastic and fun as I would have hoped and I definitely have to talk more about it, but I need something that I can play when he’s not around. You know, while I’m writhing in agony due to video game withdrawals!

I guess the real dilemma though, is that I don’t want to start anything that’s too much of a commitment. Especially since I’ll be playing my new game in the next couple of days. That, and I’ll be starting Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure with my wife really soon too. No, I need something short, that requires little effort to pick up and play and can be put down just a quickly. Maybe I’ll opt for a shoot em up like Akai Katana or a roguelike like Crypt of the Necrodancer or something. I mean, that new Cadence of Hyrule is coming out soon so it could be fun to brush up on my undead rhythm game skills!

I don’t usually set aside much time for games like that so… yeah, maybe I’ll do that.

NGC 65, A Spiral Galaxy in the Constellation Cetus

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today!! Hopefully I can resolve my gameless dilemma soon and I’m sure you’ll be seeing much more Mario + Rabbids now that some of my bigger games have been put to rest. And, look forward to finding out what I’ll be playing next from my backlog this coming Wednesday!! There are some pretty interesting games on the docket so go check it out and vote today!!

Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your Monday!!

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Total Backlogged Games: 732 …I need to go rabbid to complete all these games!

Total Completed Games: 17 …A ducking success!

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