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The Daily Backlog 68

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Instead of playing the games I should be playing, I dabble with a whole bunch more Teensy tinkering!!

One Teensy Step to Success

Good morrow friendly friends!! Welcome back to another edition of the backlog tech corner where we take on DIY techy things and teach you how to burn you hands on hot soldering irons, overload circuits and how to approach new projects with zero knowledge! This week, Patrick discovers he once again has the wrong hardware and busts his brain trying to figure out what to do next! Can he succeed? Will he give up and buy more hardware?? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to fire up your rework station and bask in the hot air of today’s article!!

That’s right my fellow backloggers, instead of starting my new game that you all graciously picked for me on the latest Twitter poll. F.Y.I. Child of Light won! I opted to mess around with my little PS2 bluetooth adapter side project again! And the good news is, I actually made some progress. Well, after having to go out and buy a new Teensy (the correct version this time). Even after hours of messing with the code on my Teensy 3.2 I just couldn’t get the thing to work. It wasn’t recognizing the connection to the PS2 properly and instead of sinking even more hours into it with what little knowledge I have of Arduino coding, I just caved and bought the 2.0.

And let me tell ya, it was a much smoother process!! I didn’t have to futz with a single thing and the compiled Teensy code provided by pelvicthrustman worked like a charm! The hardest part was cannibalizing one of my spare PS2 controllers so I could gain access to the port and all of its wires. Man are those wires small and hard to strip!! But, once I had access to the wires and the proper Teensy I was in business! Minus my lack of soldering finesse of course and my apparent inability to not burn myself every time I heat up the ole soldering iron. And here are my results (ignore the terrible soldering skills). I am quite proud of how tight I got those wires though!

Man… that soldering is terrible!

Actually,  it didn’t work right out the gate, because I may have short circuited the ground pin to the clock pin, but that was an easy fix! Just re-flow the solder and make sure the wires don’t touch! Thank the electronics gods I have a handy dandy Multi-meter! After that little fix, I plugged the newly assembled Teensy/PS2 adapter into my PS2, powered it up and voila! The little LED started to indicate communication was happening!! Now it was time to get the other end of the project working, the Raspberry Pi.

A Raspberry Pi to the Face

Luckily I had a spare PS2 controller!

And that’s where the project took another bad turn. After all my hard work, tinkering, soldering, coding and buying new hardware (the correct stuff this time), I was hamstrung by my Raspberry Pi!! You see, I bought my Raspberry Pi many moons ago, for building a RetroPie machine. It was a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and it worked wonders! A powerful little device that can do many things, except run this freakin’ firmware! That’s because Mr. pelvicthrustman, coded it all for the Raspberry Pi Model B, a whole 2 generations behind mine!! I mean, come on! Who builds stuff on older hardware dang it!!

So now I have to make a choice. Either I experiment with trying to get his scripts and code to work on my version of the Raspberry Pi, which could lead to another weeks worth of banging my head against it, trying to get it to work. Or, I could just buy the proper piece of hardware again and save myself the trouble. Obviously, the second choice is much easier and quicker, but I kinda like this whole experimenting thing. This whole process is really teaching me how all these things work.

Look! It fits! And slides right under the Memory Card!

Honestly, I’ll probably just tinker with it for a bit, get frustrated and inevitably just buy the proper Raspberry Pi in the end. That way I can be done with it and finally start playing my PS2 games on an authentic PS2 with a wireless PS3 controller! I’ll definitely keep you all up to date with my progress!!

68 is a Happy Number

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! I’m truly excited to see this little project come together and I’m really looking finding out how well it actually works. For now though, I think I’m going to take a little break from it and cool down. Lest I start throwin teensys around like ninja stars. No, I think I’ll probably start that game I should probably be starting and report back to all of you tomorrow!

Until then, have a great rest of your Thursday!

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