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The Daily Backlog 73

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Child of Light has finally broken that “style over substance” slump and a new completion is on the horizon!

Nowhere to Go But Right Here

Good evening everyone!! I’m sitting here at the beginning of a three day weekend, boiling up some coffee and getting ready to spill the proverbial backlog beans for all of you!! Wait a minute, did that guy just say “boiling up some coffee”?? What kind of monster boils their coffee?! I assure you I didn’t boil anything, I “percolated” it or something like a normal caffeine addict. I did boil coffee once, but that was for some delicious tiramisu. But even in that situation, I’d avoid it. Yeah… no.

Anyways, happy Friday one and all! And for those of you in Australia, hello from the past and I’m hoping you’re enjoying your Saturday! Since, it’s a leisurely Friday, I thought I’d try and keep today’s post relatively short and sweet. You know, try to keep it on point, nice and concise and try to keep tangents at arms length. I make no promises though, because my mind has been known to wander. *I wonder how dragons blow out candles?*

So, since today was a day off for me, I thought I’d try to get a whole bunch of Child of Light in. And although I didn’t play it as much as I originally planned I definitely made some significant headway towards completing it! For the past couple of days, I was kind of in a slump with regards to how the game was progressing. The levels I was gaining didn’t seem to amount to much. All the enemies were kind of same-ie and the story just wasn’t capturing me. Honestly, I was really having a hard time taking it seriously with all that rhyming going on. I mean, I was about three quarters of the way through the game and nothing seemed to be happening!! There was even a significant shortage of sidequests to keep me occupied.

I was literally considering setting the game aside so I could move on to something that grabbed me a little more.

A Twist for the Best

Then it happened! The devs threw a wrench in the story and all of a sudden the game started opening up! I won’t go into it too much here, for spoilery reasons, but my interest was piqued again! I started getting more characters that seemed much more useful and appealing. I finally got a melee focused character for dang sakes! Now I was starting to feel like I could hold my own in battle. Not to mention the skill tree expanded, granting me access to much more powerful abilities. Thank the gaming gods!!

So, now that I hit the turning point, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem to finish this game up. I will say this though, Ubisoft was really banking on you being totally enthralled by Child of Light’s visual aesthetics! Because for a while there it just felt like style over substance. And with another two days left in the weekend, I’m feeling like there just might be another backlog completion on the horizon!


Well my friends, we did it! I was able to write a relatively short post for today!! I’ll definitely be trying to finish up Child of Light this weekend and hopefully it’s able to maintain my interest long enough to roll the credits. I’m sure it will though considering it couldn’t have more than a few hours left on it.

I also started a new game with my wife call The World Next Door by Rose City Games, who graciously sent us a review code! We’ll be pouring our backlog, sweat and tears into it this weekend so look forward to my impression of it come Monday!!

In the meantime, if you’d like to check it out, you can find it on Steam and the Switch right now!

The World Next Door (Switch)

The World Next Door (Steam)

And until then, have a great weekend!!

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