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The Daily Backlog 75

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It’s cringy JRPG central here in the Backlog Odyssey household as I start Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure!

An Unexpected Completion

Good morning backloggin’ peoples! We made it through Monday, so I think it’s time to celebrate by surviving the work day and dreaming of sinking into your favorite side of the couch and zoning out while you mindlessly play video games! I know that’s what I’m going to do! Hey, don’t judge me, you know it’s truly the best course of action at the end of a long Tuesday.

So, after my impromptu long weekend this past week, I was able to sink a good deal of backlog bustin’ into my schedule like a good backlogger should. And wouldn’t you know it, all that gaming resulted in not one, but two completions! I’m sure you could have guessed what the first one was if you were around yesterday because I dedicated an entire post to it! And that was The World Next Door by Rose City Games. Which honestly surprised me. It’s an action-adventure puzzler that kind of came out of nowhere and seduced me into playing it all weekend with my wife. And I have to say, it was an absolute blast. Who would have known that throwing in the classic match-3 mechanics of your standard puzzle game into a dungeon crawler would work so well! The added touch of a well written story also helped a lot. There aren’t many games that I’ll finish in just a couple of sittings, but The World Next Door just happened to be the right game at the right time.

It’s About Time!

The second game I was able to strike from my backlog, probably isn’t much of a surprise as well. You know, since I’ve been playing it for the last couple of weeks. And that was Child of Light by Ubisoft. A visually striking RPG with platforming elements! Another unique mixture of genres that were definitely welcome. For the first half of Child of Light, I was kind of lukewarm on the gameplay. Everything felt a little slow to progress, and it’s not like I wasn’t gaining levels every other encounter either. No, it was because it didn’t matter if I leveled up, nor did it matter how much I did it, because there just wasn’t much exciting to unlock. Also, the story didn’t really grab me. However, once I hit the turning point of the game, which happens to be about ¾ of the way through the game (I know), Child of Light finally got its hooks in me. I’m not sure if it was because I was so close to the end of the game and I was eager to finish it up, but I really started to sink a bunch of time into it. And within a few more sittings it was done.

I didn’t even try to finish up all of the side quests either (which is out of character for me), but I think I was ready. Not to say the game was bad or anything, but if it takes that long to get good, then by the time that happens, all I want to do is see the credits. I am glad to finish it though, because Child of Light has been on my backlog for a while now, and it feels really good to see that completion. That’s what this odyssey is all about after all!

A Blast From the Past

Not to be outdone by two whole completions though, the backlog has striked again with another game on the now playing list! I mean, we gotta keep this train-a-goin’ am I right?? And just like we intended before The World Next Door came a knockin’, the wife and I started the “classic” JRPG, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure on the PS1! My wife has a bit of a history with this game, and I was excited to see how the both of us would react to it after all of these years. And I have to say, I’m actually enjoying it so far! It’s kind of a tactics-lite RPG and I’m curious to see how it plays out.

I mean, it is definitely a bit cringe worthy, with all the voiced musical interludes (so bad) and it’s incessant cuteness, but it’s really nice to revisit a classic RPG from the PS1 era. It brings back fond memories of fantastic sprite work (when it was truly at its prime) and the silly antics of classic JRPG characters. The dialog is seriously so goofy. It definitely has that tried and true Nippon Ichi and Atlus charm and I’m really excited to play some more. According to my wife, it’ll most certainly have it’s frustrations, but I look forward to seeing how we react to it’s “obtuseness” nowadays. You know, now that we’re seasoned vidja game veterans.

I’ll absolutely be writing more about it as we get further, so look key your anime eyeballs peeled and stay tuned in the coming days for my JRPG goodness! I’m wholly expecting some face-palm moments and I’m excited to share them with all of you!

75 is a Deficient Number

Well my friends, that’s going to do it for today! I can’t wait to play a whole bunch more Rhapsody and it’s actually making me want to try to tackle some more of the classic JRPGs on my list. There are also a few “must play” titles that my wife has never played (like Chrono Trigger) and I need to do something about that!

I’ve also been pondering on what I should do next for the upcoming poll and I think I have a few ideas. So look get your Twitter fingies ready in the next couple of days. And finally I have a fun little plan for the entire month of May that should both be a challenge and blast! I’m drafting up the plan now and I’m thinking I’ll be talking about it later this week!

Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your Tuesday!

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