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The Daily Backlog 76

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I’m feeling nostalgic as I bust out my PS1 and dive back into that beloved JRPG grind with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure!

32 Bits of Reminiscing

Good morning one and all! Have you ever had one of those days where you plan on getting a lot of things done, but you can feel it in your bones that that’s probably not going to happen? Well, I think I’m having one of those days. I’m currently sitting here, sleepily sipping on my coffee and wrestling a very snuggly kitty that purrs at an ear piercing volume. But unfortunately, I have poncerbilities (I may have made that up)! And I’m determined to knock these things out because that’s just what we do here at The Backlog Odyssey! More kitties, more problems, am I right?!

So, after diving into Rhapsody, it’s really got me reminiscing on one of my favorite gaming generations, the PlayStation 1. Well, I guess the entirety of the 32 bit era. It reminds me of a time when the things that we take for granted today in video games, was new and exciting! Like, voice acting, cutscenes, “high fidelity” graphics and the use of “red book” audio. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the generations that came before! There were a ton of fantastic and classic games that still hold up today. But, at this point, it ultimately seemed like the developers behind these games could really express their creative desires. They were able to portray their characters in more recognizable ways and their stories became so much more epic and engrossing.

I mean, I remember the first time I ever encountered Final Fantasy VII or even Mario 64.Their worlds seemed so huge and the potential for exploration was seemingly endless! It may hurt them these days, but their 3D graphics were such a leap forward over the sprite work that came not too long before. The meer fact that Cloud jumped forward and actually swung his sword to hit the enemies was mind boggling!

The Art of the JRPG

What playing Rhapsody has really reminded me of, is that playing games just like it were my jam when I was a fledgling teenager! It was around the time when I really started to appreciate things like anime and manga (which many JRPG drew inspiration from) and the expansive and varied stories they were trying tell. It was also a time when I was able to just sit back for hours on end and let the whole experience flow over me. No joke, I video taped me beating Final Fantasy VII just so I could rewatch the ending battle with Sephiroth (and listen to that amazing One Winged Angel theme). I just wish I still had that tape so I could watch it again, but you know what? I loved it! And I still do! I adore the goofy dialog, the over the top characters and the colorful worlds. The music and the stories they were trying to tell were top notch! And Rhapsody is exactly that! Though maybe a little less serious and a little more simplistic than your Final Fantasies and Vagrant Stories of the world.

It was also a time when games weren’t too concerned with overly complicated gameplay systems or retention or pelting you with post release DLC. They just wanted you to appreciate the hard work that was put into them, and for you to just enjoy the ride. Really they were perfect to unwind and turn your brain off at the end of a long school day.

And THAT, is why I’m excited to really dive into Rhapsody. It’s reminding me of simpler times and it’s reinvigorating my love for the classic JRPGs of the 32 bit era. It’s making me anxious to play more and to re-explore more of my PS1 library or maybe even discover some of those games that I never had a chance to play.

Messier Object 76, The Little Dumbbell Nebula

Well my fellow backloggers, that’ll do it for today! I have always said that the PS1 is one of my favorite consoles, but it’s not until I actually play a game from that era that I truly remember why! So, definitely look forward to seeing more from Rhapsody in the coming days! That and I’m thinking we may be seeing more from that era as well!

Until tomorrow friendly friends, have a great rest of your Wednesday!!

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