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Sometimes a little direction wouldn’t hurt! That’s right I’m talking to you Rhapsody!!

Petrification Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

Good morning backloggers!! Yay, it’s Friday!!!

So, the proverbial musical beans have been spilled about my thoughts on Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. And although, for the most part, all of my feeling are still true I’m starting to come around on some of the things that were bothering me. Well, maybe it’s just that the wife and I have finally gotten past the initial parts of the game. So now, instead of the primary focus of the Rhapsody being you and your team mates trying to woo the “handsome and dashing” prince by cooking him weird fish dishes and participating in beauty contests. You are now on a quest to rescue him from a group of goofy and overbearing witches that have accidentally turned him to stone and kidnapped him! No! Not my hunky Ferdinand!

I would say the game “opened up,” but what I really mean is now we unlocked a new area to explore, talk to every single NPC and fumble around trying to figure out what we need to do next. But at least the real villains have been revealed! I honestly think that my favorite part of the game so far is its characters. Until they try to sing a duet that is!

Wandering, Wandering… Wandering

Let’s roll it back to the whole “wandering aimlessly” thing though. That singular concept is what can make this game frustrating. All the other things that I’ve been encountering in this game are small beans compared to that. And honestly, it’s probably safe to say that this more than likely plagued other RPGs of its time and those that came before. But it has been a long time since I’ve played one from this era so I can’t recall. Or maybe I just became numb to it as a JRPG superfan in my youth. Kids can be so irrational

Anyways, when playing Rhapsody, I almost feel spoiled by modern games and how they highlight your objective and actually tell you where you’re supposed to go next in a quest log! You know, they understand that you’re not a mystic who can decipher their intentions through pure intuition. And people complain about games not respecting their time these days! Last night when trying to complete a quest we were told we needed to find a frog at this particular spot on the map. When we went there, we weren’t able to find anything. Not a speck of evidence and no clues to be found. So, we went back to the town and spoke to each and every NPC trying to figure out what we needed to do. Including the quest giver! But we got nothing from them, other than a nondescript one liner! It turned out we just needed to wander around in the specified area for a half hour until we randomly encountered the monster we were supposed to fight!! It’s times like this that I have a great appreciation for the work devs put into user experience these days!!

It’s kind of funny how much I miss a quest log or even a map to help me navigate a game. But despite all that I can almost guarantee we’ll be marathoning Rhapsody now that it’s the weekend!

A Tarot Deck has 78 Cards

Well my friends, that’ll do it for today and the week!! If you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed that I’m a little late with this months Podcast (almost two weeks!) but I promise a new one is still coming! Though you may need to wait another week or two before it’s ready for your earholes. Mostly because I’m trying to figure out the best way to fit it in with the Daily Backlog and still make it relevant and fun to listen too. It may turn out to be something that’s shorter and is released more frequently, but I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted.

I also have something special planned for the Daily Backlog in May so keep an eye out for that. I may detail it in one of the posts next week!

Until Monday, have a great weekend!!

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