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The Daily Backlog 79

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Hey Rhapsody, I like to wander aimlessly on occasion too. But this is getting ridiculous!!

A Good Day to You

Good day backloggers! It’s been a sleepy Monday so instead of cranking today’s post out in the wee hours of the morn, I opted to sip my coffee and watch muscly Super Saiyans beat up on helpless aliens and demon kings. Now that it’s coming on noon though, I guess I can get off my lazy butt and knock this sucker out! You know, while I nibble on my lunchy num nums. You can just ignore the crumbs and sauce stains as well. Unless you wanna take a little taste. I won’t judge.

So, this past weekend, the wife and I have been trying to sink a ton of time into Rhapsody. But not just because we want to get it off our plate, but because we’re actually having a great time just kicking back and letting the cringy JRPG vibes wash over us. To be perfectly honest, Rhapsody is nowhere near the best RPG we’ve ever succumbed to, but there’s just something about it that makes you feel good while you’re playing it. I find I can’t help but smile while it’s bright and colorful graphics emblazon our TV screen and burn out our retinas. And that’s not just because we’ve been making fun of it the whole time!

Lost in the Sea of Same

Of course, there is still plenty to complain about with Rhapsody. Which I’m sure you know if you’ve been keeping up with the Daily Backlog lately. But this time around, what really got our goat, was how difficult it is to actually explore the dungeons you’re supposed to be, well… exploring. I’ve already spoken about how obtuse some of the quests can be and how little direction you’re given, but when you throw in a labyrinthine dungeon with no discernible landmarks between you and your goal, it just adds insult to injury! Not to mention the obscure knowledge you’ll need to know to solve some of it’s puzzles!

Currently, our goal is to explore each of the regions in Rhapsody to find each elemental stone. These stones will allow us to restore our precious prince Ferdinando from his petrified state. Which is all well and good, but in order to find these stones, you’ll need to trudge through 5 different towers that look exactly the same. Short of a slight difference in color! All the while, fighting off the same enemies that are, you guessed it, varied only in hue! Well, let me backup a bit, you’ll actually get two different types of dungeons (caves and stone towers) but that’s about it.

However, the biggest problem with these samey dungeons is that each and every room will look like the previous, so you’ll be wandering around these dungeons aimlessly trying to remember if you’ve been in an area already. Throw in a few branching paths, some dead ends, multiple floors and a maddeningly random, random encounter rate and it’s a recipe for frustration! That, and countless wasted hours. The only discernible difference you’ll find in these rooms are the treasure chests you may discover. Then you can at least say you’ve been in that particular room if the chest happens to be open. I would definitely recommend bringing some graph paper with you!! Or follow a map on GameFAQs. That’ll work too.

The Great Wall of B.S.

I think the biggest kick in the face we’ve had so far was in the most recent dungeon we’ve come across. The Tower of Ninetail. This was one of those stages that was very easy to get lost in. With multiple branching paths that’ll take you up multiple levels in the tower and more often than not, lead you to a dead end. So, you’d have to backtrack a lot (too much) and try different paths until you found the right one. All the while, wracking your brain and trying to remember if you’ve already gone down that one versus the other.

So after an hour or so of wandering, we made it to the top! Happy days! Only to find that it was just a floor of dead ends. We wandered back and forth thinking maybe we missed something. Or maybe we needed to go back to town and talk to someone now that we made it to the top. You know, like it was a trigger to some story event of something. No, what it actually turned out to be was a flippin’ fake wall in one of the rooms! A FAKE WALL! Not once, did this occur at any other point in the game, so we wouldn’t have even thought to check such a thing…

Luckily we decided to quickly check an FAQ to see if we missed anything. Because it could have been very possible that we would have been wandering for hours trying to figure that out. And what do you think the odds are that we would have checked that very specific wall in that very specific room. Mind bottling I say!! But that’s classic JRPGs for ya. No sense for a positive user experience.

What’s funny about all of this, is that even though Rhapsody is filled with all of these infuriating little things. We just keep coming back to it. Willingly!! I’m guessing we’re suffering for Stockholm Syndrome or something.

79 is a Sexy Prime

Well my friends, that’s going to do it for today! I don’t think we have too much more left in Rhapsody so we may be coming on the end of its coverage. But I really am having fun playing it and reporting back to all of you! Even during the rough patches of the game. There’s something about venting your JRPG frustrations on here that’s so cathartic!

Also, before I forget (and I already kinda did), it looks like the latest Twitter poll has wrapped up! And the next game we’ll be tackling on the ole backlog will be The Witness! Time put on my thinking cap!

Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your Monday!

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