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I can finally sing a victory tune, because we completed Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure!!

A Melodic Completion

Good day my fellow backloggers! Today is another one of those days where I was way too sleepy to do anything other than guzzle three or four pots of coffee before work. That and sink into the comfiest of couches and watch spiky haired men yell at each other for tens of minutes. Well, they do more than just yell at each other. They also gasp and moan in a slightly climactic way when they discover an opponent’s “true” power. For the fifth time. Hey, there’s a reason I’ve stuck around for the last eight seasons!

Moaning martial artists aside, the wife and I have finally hit another one of our gaming goals for 2019! To replay and beat the “it’s so bad it’s good” Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure on the PlayStation 1! To be perfectly honest, when we first fired it up last night, I wasn’t sure if we would actually beat it in that sitting. I mean, like I’ve been saying this whole time, Rhapsody has a way with wasting your time.

So, instead of just plodding around and guessing where to go next, we just brought up a few maps here and there that we could follow for each of the remaining dungeons. And if I was to give you one pointer for playing this game, assuming you would want to, I’d say don’t hesitate to follow a guide. Actually, I encourage it! Once we stopped guessing, the game became much more pleasant and tolerable. Though, it probably shortened it by a few hours as well. However, it’s not like you don’t have a ton of other things to fill in those gaps with the random battles and such.

Easy Peasy

One thing I’ll definitely say about Rhapsody is that it was super easy. From start to finish, the game didn’t really challenge us at all. Even the final boss fight was finished within a few turns. With us only needing to heal once or twice. And that was because the battle was spread out over three or four scenarios! Though I can’t complain too much about the challenge. It was nice to not have to fight the game to make any sort of progress. That and if it was any more difficult or if the battles took too much longer, we probably would have dropped the game before we ever encountered the final stretch. I won’t lie though, if we didn’t follow that guide near the end, we likely would have dropped the game regardless!

It felt a little bit like cheating, but I opted to finished the game in a way that made it more enjoyable instead of suffering due to some headstrong preconception of being a “hardcore gamer” that doesn’t need help from such things! I kid of course. Sometimes using a guide really does make a game more fun though!! My only issue with using the guide was that it revealed that we missed a ton of characters and side missions! Which kind of made me want to replay it sometime just to see that stuff. But who am I kidding, that’s pretty unlikely. I certainly didn’t care enough to do all those shenanigans this time around. And ten years from now when I have the silly idea of trying to play it again, I’ll probably forget all of this stuff anyways! Maybe I’ll leave myself a future “note to self” that simply tell me to “USE A GUIDE DUMMY” or something. That should jog the memory!

80 is an Insecure Port

Well my friends, that’ll do it for today! Another completion under the belt feels pretty dang good I gotta say! And it was another JRPG. Which is pretty rare considering how long they can be, but luckily Rhapsody was a very short game. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, unless you have a morbid curiosity for early Nippon Ichi games, but it was still a pretty fun playthrough for nostalgia sake.

Now that the wife and I are finished with it, we just need to figure out what we’ll be playing next. Actually,now that I think about it, my brother did gift us Destiny 2 after helping him out with a logo for his upcoming podcast. So, maybe we’ll play that! I’ve been kinda in the mood for a good “Shlooter” anyways!

Until tomorrow backloggers, have a great rest of your Tuesday!

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