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The Daily Backlog 83

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Sometimes it all goes according to plan. Other times, you procrastinate and just play games.

Dusty Ole Games

Happy days backloggers! Happy days indeed. Have you ever had one of those days where you’re super motivated to get things done, but you’re too much of a procrastinator to actually do them? Well, those are most days for me! You could give me all the time in the world and I’ll still wait for the last minute to crank it out. That’s probably why these daily posts work so well for me. I don’t have time to be a procrastinator!! I like the spontaneity of it all though, it keeps me on my toes. That and it usually keeps it weird.

But I do plan for things I promise! I even take notes from time to time, that I completely ignore when writing a review! And since I’m not quite sure what to talk about today, I thought I’d just divulge that super secret plan I had planned for next month on The Backlog Odyssey. Actually, it’s not really super secret, my wife knows about it. And so does my son, but he doesn’t really care. To him, I’m just that dusty old guy that keeps getting in the way of the TV and babbles on about how in my day, TVs had tubes. And that there was no such thing as that “Haych Dee Fork Hay” nonsense. He’s 6…it all makes sense to him.

Anyways, getting back on track! The big plan for next month is something I’ve been thinking about doing for the past few months and that’s hyper focusing my backlog tackling to the wood grained phenomenon, the Atari 2600! Although, I don’t have the greatest fondness for this console in particular (I’ve only dabbled with it here and there), I thought it would be fun take a deep dive into that scene and knock out a large chunk of dusty ole games from the dusty ole backlog! Who knows, maybe it’ll make me into an Atari convert as well!

Where’s the on Button?!

The only problem was, I wasn’t sure if that hunk o’ plastic and 70s electronics even worked anymore. Truthfully, that thing has been sitting in my parents crawlspace for 10’s of years and now in my attic for a few more. So, the first step will be to clean it up and get it running! Then, I need to find a good and reliable way to modify it, so I can capture screenshots. I have a few idea on how to approach that. Finally, I need to play the dang games! Oh, and I should probably pick up a controller too. That’ll most likely help with the whole “playing the games” thing. All the while, I’ll be chronicling the whole process starting next month!

Looking at my current Atari 2600 collection (you can see them above), I have 23 games I still need to play. Which happens to be each and every 2600 game I own! And each day in May, I will strive to play and complete one game from that list, until there are no more! Which, if I play my cards right, could result in us breaking the 700 backlogged games mark by the beginning of June! Exciting!! I’m still in the planning phase for this, and the most difficult part will probably be setting up the console for capture, but I’m really looking forward to tackling this challenge! And definitely keep your eyes peeled for the first post in just under two weeks!


Well, my friends, that’ll do it for today! A relatively short post, but it’s a slow and lazy Friday so don’t blame me! I mean, one can only be insightful so many times in one week. *wink* *wink*

It was about time I opened the can of 8-bit worms anyways! Also, keep an eye out next week because the wife and I have dug deep into Destiny 2 and we have plenty to say about that! Spoilers: It’s pretty dang fun and I better get it out of my system before May comes around because the Atari may get left in the dust!

Until Monday folks, have a great weekend!

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