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The Daily Backlog 84

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I dive head first into the monster girl filled dungeon crawler, Moero Chronicle Hyper by Idea Factory!!

This Post is KSFW

Good day backloggers!! Today feels like one of those days where all I want to do is turn the lights down low, undock the Switch and play lewd anime games in a dark secluded corner of my game room. This is starting to get weird isn’t it? Also, my wife tells me I should wait until our child goes to bed before diving into such things. And I tend to agree, but I’m guessing she just wants to join in the fun!

So, you may be asking, where is this all coming from Patrick? The Backlog Odyssey is a wholesome blog filled with sunshine and lollipops! To which I reply, not 100% true my dear readers! I on occasion say “butt” and “silly”! …Exactly!! But to be perfectly honest, the wife and I have a partial disposition for the occasional LSFW games. That’s “Less Safe For Work” for those not in the know. And enjoy divulging in the Visual Novel scene here and there. Typically not full on H if you know what I mean (though it can happen), but some of the games you should probably keep away from your children’s hands and refrain from playing them while on public transit. Hense LSFW.

Anyways, the real reason I’m here is because the fine folks over at Idea Factory were gracious enough to send me over a review code for the dungeon crawling, monster girl poking (I’ll get to that later), JRPG, Moero Chronicle Hyper on the Nintendo Switch! And let me tell ya, this game is not shy about what it is at all! But don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it as KSFW (kinda safe for work) as possible!

The Bumbling Hero

Moero Chronicle H was originally developed in 2014 for the PlayStation Vita in Japan and Asian territories only and then eventually world wide on Steam in 2017. And now, finally, in the next two days you’ll be able to crawl dungeons and rub up on Monster Girls to your heart’s content on the Nintendo Switch!!

In Moero Chronicle H, you play as the less than useful Io, who has a soft spot for monster girls. It’s probably because he was raised in a world where there’s a place called Monstopia, that’s filled with monster girls. That and it’s more than likely because his childhood friend, Lilia, is a monster girl herself. For many years there was peace between the monster people and the humans, but after a quick turn of events and the help of some nefarious “queen of the monster girls” that peace has ended.

Now, it seems like all the monster girls of Monstopia have become corrupted by some unnatural force and will attack any human that happens to wander into their territory. Being the oaf that he is, Io has been tricked into venturing into the land of Monstopia (mostly because of his fondness for monster girls) and now it’s his job to try and purify them and bring peace once again. The real question is, does he truly have the ability to do it?!

“Clever” Design is the Spice of Life

The first thing you’ll notice when you fire up Moero Chronicle H, is that this game is anime as heck, super cute and unabashedly naughty! Like, no holds barred. I mean, it’s not so explicit that your delicate sensibilities will burst into flames the moment you see it, but it has enough panty shots, immodest  innuendos and “clever” monster designs to keep you busy for at least the next 20 or 30 hours. Oh,and it has a large variety of fun Monster Girls to collect!! Which, I’m not going to lie, is what drew me to this title in the first place. I kinda have a thing for Monster Girls (I don’t know why I keep capitalizing it).

And that’s where I think a lot of the fun comes from this game. Both in it’s suggestive nature and the fact that most of the monsters are designed to look like derivatives of totally “nonspecific” parts of the anatomy. You know, high brow kinda stuff. Except for the monster girls that is, they just looks like super colorful and cute anime girls with the occasional “monster attribute”. But it’s this aspect of the game that makes you want to keep playing it, so you can see what they’ll come up with next. That and it feels like your doing something taboo that you’ll get in trouble for doing if your parents catch you. Except you’re an adult and you can do what you want, and your wife is there, giggling along with you.

Give Me Moe Traits!

But a game really isn’t a game without the game stuff right? And technically Moero Chronicle H is a game so, what’s that like you ask?? Well, that’s really where Moero Chronicle shines a little less bright. Sure, reading through lines and lines of the adultiest of adult humor and collecting monster girls to help you in battle (and other things) can be fun. The actual things you do in between can be a bit dry and uninspired. And it really doesn’t take long to get bored with it. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a dungeon crawler so you’ll be exploring various levels of various dungeons, finding dead ends, collecting treasures, fighting monsters and leveling up. Similar to something like the old Dungeons and Dragons games. Only with anime and lots of it. But it’s no more complicated than that.

Each encounter is very straight forward, where you’ll be choosing attacks to unleash upon your enemies and they’ll do the same to you. There is however, one little twist. You get to also control the main character (who doesn’t actually fight) and inspire him to “power up” his desire and “unleash” it upon your party members to buff them in one way or another. Or he can hold it in, and his filled meter will grant bonuses to your characters based on the types of “Moe Traits” they have. Traits like, Animal Ears or Team Leader or Cute Butt. My only problem with this is that the whole powering up thing is annoying to preform. You’re forced to do it each turn and it greatly slows the flow of battle. Like way too much! Actually, battles really tend to drag out in general. Luckily, the devs kinda knew this, so they added the feature to both auto battle and fast forward! And believe you me, I’ve been taking advantage of that wholesale! I’m here for the monster girls dang it! Not your half baked RPG stuff!

The Game of Purification

In the famous words of nobody, I could care less about the RPG portion of the game, it really is that bland. Except for the actual monster girl “boss fights” that is. Which are the most interesting, and admittedly weird, parts of the game. You’ll still fight them like you’d fight any other monster, except you’ll be destroying specific parts of their “armor” (clothing), to weaken their “defense” and excite your “horny seal guy” (he’s actually a seal). Did I mention him yet? It doesn’t matter.

Anyways, once his max excitement is reached, you’ll enter into the “purification” minigame. This is where the monster girl fondling comes into play (this is honestly getting creepier the more I think about it). And your job is to rub, pinch, poke and prod the monster girls trying to find their “weak spot” and fill up their “purity” gauge. Man, I’ve never had to use double quotes so much in my life! Once the gauge is filled, the monster girl will be purified, and she’ll be able to join your party!! There’s more nuance to it, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.

But fear not my friends, looting dungeons and fighting inappropriately shaped monsters isn’t the only thing you can do with your monster girls! Nope, you’ll also be able to woo them by talking to them and giving them presents. You can also renovate their living quarters by using special items you find in said dungeons. Oh, and you can rub them some more if you’d like. And all of these things will increase the monster girl’s affection gauge. I’m not sure what the end result is, (well I can guess) but each level of affection you gain from a monster girl will unlock the ability to change their costumes (a.k.a differently styled undies) which will give the character a unique set of skills to use in battle.

Synopsis of a Monster Poker

And that my friends is Moero Chronicle H in a nutshell. Honestly, there isn’t much to this game as the actual gameplay part of it is a little bit lacking. It’s weirdly complex due to all of its system, yet simple with little depth. That isn’t to say there isn’t some fun to be had with it though. It may be mindless, but it’s actually a pretty good distraction when you want to melt away an hour or so. Truthfully though, you’re not here for the RPG elements anyways. Really, the appeal to this game is it’s ecchi nature. And that’s ok. Obviously, it would be a much better game if it had the gameplay to back up the naughty bits, but if you’re in the mood for something a little risque with a sprinkling of dungeon crawling you can’t go wrong. You’ll get pretty much what you’re looking for. If, on the other hand, you’re not a fan of either of those things then I’d definitely stay clear.

If you’re interesting in checking out Moero Chronicle Hyper and you’re in the mood to caress monster girls (I won’t judge), you can find it this Friday on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99! Be aware, your delicate sensibilities may spontaneously combust.

Moero Chronicle Hyper

The Town of Eighty Four, Pennsylvania

Well, my friends, that’ll do it for today! And it was a long one! But, you know what? When you’re given the opportunity to review a game about poking monster girls, one cannot limit themselves to the concept of a reasonable word count.

Anyways, that isn’t the only thing I have to talk about since the wife and I have been utterly engrossed by the loot fest known as Destiny 2. But I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Until then, have a great rest of your hump day!! Yes… pun absolutely intended.

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