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Inspirations from the past can lead to wonderful modern creations, and Aggelos by Storybird Games and PQube shows us how it’s done right!

Hot Summer Gaming in April

G’day backloggers! Have you ever played a game that instantly hooked you? So much so, that all you can think about is playing it during every spare moment you have? And then you just can’t put it down until you see those end credits roll? It doesn’t happen very often for me, but when it does, there’s no better feeling as a gamer! It brings me back to the days when I could lock myself in my room for hours on end on the nicest of summer days (I was a hermit, I know) and do nothing but sink all of my time into my favorite hobby.

Well, thanks to the very kind and generous folks over at PQube I was able to get my hands on a fantastic little gem named, Aggelos! And let me tell ya, I was transported back to those hot summer days of my youth and I could not put this game down! But what is Aggelos, you may ask? That’s why I’m here friends. That is why I’m here.

The Wondering Boy

Aggelos is a 2D, side-scrolling, action-rpg developed by Storybird Games and was originally released on Steam in 2018. And now one year later, you’re able to play this Wonder Boy inspired game wherever you may be, on the Switch! Believe you me, I did exactly that!

In Aggelos, our hero encounters the Princess of Lumen Castle who has escaped the clutches of the evil wizard Valion. Upon returning her to the King, you discover that this wizard kidnapped the Princess in order to extort the “Key to the Kingdom” from the King. If the King did not comply, the wizard would harm the Princess, so naturally he handed it over. Now with the key in hand, the Valion is able to access the four elemental temples and acquire the four elements of the kingdom. Which he will use to open a portal to the Dark World and release its horror unto this peaceful kingdom! Now it is your task to collect the elements for yourself, travel to the Dark World and stop Valion in his tracks!

And within less than a minute you can see that Aggelos wears it’s inspirations on its sleeve! Everything from the graphics and animation, to the character design and background music, all are exactly what you’d expect when playing a Wonder Boy game. Especially something like Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.  And in no way is that a bad thing, because it’s all expertly done and right on point! In fact, Aggelos is one of the better examples I’ve seen of how to create a game that simulates that retro feeling while also keeping it modern, accessible and of course, super fun!

Challenging in all the Right Ways

Like Wonder Boy, it’s sequels and even Zelda II, you’ll be exploring a non-linear world (read Metroidvania) where certain areas are gated off until you acquire the proper ability. But that’s not the only thing you’ll be doing. This wouldn’t be much of a game otherwise would it? No, you’ll also be fighting monsters and bosses, leveling up (though I’m not sure what this does), purchasing new and powerful gear and completing side quests. And the best part of all of this is how Storybird Games combined all of these things into a charming little package that uses the mechanics you’re given in clever and fun ways!

It can be tough at times too! Later stages and boss fights will definitely give you a run for your money, even when you’re leveled up. And you’ll be challenged to utilize as many of your abilities to traverse some pretty devious platforming puzzles. And where many games leave most of that stuff as optional side quests, Aggelos locks some of it’s more critical abilities and items behind them! That’s right, nothing you do in Aggelos really feels superfluous! You’re pretty much required to do most things in the game to succeed. Well, except for maybe finding some of the hidden heart containers (they extend you max HP) and acquiring the Aggelos Armor and Sword. But you’ll soon find out that you don’t really want to miss those in the first place! Those enemies and bosses in later stages would destroy you without them!!

But that’s what I like about Aggelos. It’s meaty with very little fat. It’s simple and straightforward. And it’s challenging in all the right ways without being annoying. Oh, and of course it’s well designed and an absolute blast to play! Seriously though, I commend Songbird Games for doing such a fantastic job on this game, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Aggelos! If you’re a fan of games like Monster Boy, Zelda II or even just action-rpgs in general, I’d definitely urge you to check it out!

If you’re interested in playing Aggelos, you can find it right now on the Nintendo eShop for the Switch:


The Sum of the Sums of the Divisors of the First 10 Positive Integers

Well my friends, that’ll do it for today!! I was honestly surprised by how wonderful Aggelos turned out to be and I really can’t recommend it more. I’m just about to complete it (I’m now able to enter the Dark World) and as of the writing of today’s post, I’m daydreaming of getting back to it and playing more!

Oh, and you may have noticed the completed list has increased by two! That’s because over the weekend I was able to finish up The Witness and complete the main campaign in Destiny 2! I’m sure the wife and I will be playing much more Destiny even after beating it, but I’ll get into that tomorrow!

Until then backloggers, have a great rest of your Monday!

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