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Esoteric and cryptic puzzles are fun and all Destiny 2, but dang it, maybe I just want some fancy loot on occasion!!

End Game, Shmend Game

Welcome back my favoritest of backloggers!! Have you ever had one of those experiences where no matter how much you try nor how much time you put into something, you just don’t get the results you want? Like, rushing through a game’s campaign just to get to the end game so you can find all the super cool loot, but coming up empty handed? Or, maybe you dove down into a complex and difficult quest line just to come out the other end with under-powered gear?

Well, that pretty much sums up my experience with Destiny 2 so far! The wife and I have already finished up the main campaign and even started some of the DLC so we could get the chance to find some of that super cool gear we’ve been hearing about… but nothing! We’ve even played through many of the side-quests that have unlocked, promising “powerful gear” but it’s all under leveled!! Some of it is probably because we over leveled during our main campaign run, but I also think it’s an issue with how the updates applied to Destiny 2 thus far have skewed the leveling system so you’d be able to reach max level and end game stuff faster. And with the “end game” being such a focus, everything in between just seems underwhelming. To some degree I get it, that’s where all the cool stuff is, so why not put people on the fast train!

Here’s the thing. If you don’t give me a reason to keep playing WAY before the end game, then why would I? Ok, I admit, it didn’t take long to finish up the story and reach the end game, but now that we’re here, it just feels like we’re on that disappointment treadmill again! We’re just not getting what we were promised, despite it all being at our fingertips. No, what I think my problem so far with Destiny 2 is, it just doesn’t seem like it wants to meet us (casual players) half way.

Fast Track to Exasperation

Like I mentioned before, Destiny 2 is a fantastically designed and a solid piece of gaming software. It’s fun to play and it has that addicting carrot on a stick, loot grind. But unless you’re willing to make playing Destiny 2 your full time job, possess some sort of eldritch knowledge of obscure quests and the patience of something that has a bottomless well of patience, it’s hard to maintain the motivation to play it beyond finishing it’s (so far) mediocre story. I mean, it has all of the things I thought it was missing initially! It has the cool quests, powerful gear and intriguing story beats, but they’re all locked behind esoteric and cryptic puzzles. Or random sequences of events that if you weren’t playing with someone who had prior knowledge, you wouldn’t even know you were missing it!!

And I’m fine with games having some evasive mechanics that make players think and really utilize the tools they’re given. But if you make it so opaque that the only way you’d figure it out is happenstance, then that becomes an issue. I know I can just use the internet, but I want to feel the thrill of accomplishment by figuring these things out myself! And unfortunately, unless I’m the hardest of hardcore who wants to spend tens of hours just figuring out one quest line, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. Like I said, this isn’t my full time job!

The Two Sides of Destiny

What it actually feels like, is that there are two sides to Destiny 2. On one hand it’s a cookie cutter shlooter, where you speed through a less than thrilling story collecting “not quite there” loot. And once you beat the game, you do it all over again in the DLC. The part that I’m playing right now. And on the other hand, there’s the convoluted, “how the heck would I ever know that” side, that’s filled with intrigue, super exciting gear and a boat load of frustrations! That’s the part I’d very much wish I could get to! Because it’s what I want in a shlooter.

Well, yes and no. What I really want is all that cool gear with a little less complexity. I really do want to experience all that Destiny has to offer because it has so much potential, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time nor will I want to put in the time to see it all. Especially since everything else in this game is just ok thus far. But I’ll keep plugging away trying to find that wow factor, at least until we finish the DLC story missions because I’m determined to like this game. And I do! It’s just not exactly what I was looking for or expecting when I got that hankering for some lootin’ and shootin’.

Love and Kisses from 88

Well my friends, that’ll do it for today! I’m really of two minds when it comes to Destiny 2. But because it’s so fun to play, especially with my wife, I’m willing to put up with the grind. At least for a little bit longer.

Also, you’ll notice that that completed games list increased once again!! That’s because I was able to complete the excellent Aggelos! I’m may have stayed up a little too late so I could say that though. So now, I guess it’s time to dive into Bass Masters Classic on the SNES! YAY?

Until tomorrow folks, have a great rest of your Tuesday!

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