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The Daily Backlog 89

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My backlog is constantly changing and so is this blog! I talk about The Backlog Odyssey updates and just how much I appreciate all of you!!

Backlogs-ah Changin’

Good day backloggers!! Yesterday, I spoke a bit about plans that don’t always come together in the end. And that isn’t something that just happens in Destiny 2! I know, it blows my mind as well. No, it happens to content creators like yours truly and the content we’re all trying to create! And since it’s been a while since I did a true update for all the goings ons at The Backlog Odyssey. Let’s dive into that right now!!

First off, with 100 Daily Backlog posts just around the bend, I want to thank everyone who contributes and consumes everything my wife and I do on The Backlog Odyssey. It truly warms my heart to know that there are people out there who enjoy our stuff. For years, I’ve been trying to find a good creative outlet for all the things I wanted to say with regards to video games and whole playing them thing and The Backlog Odyssey website was a great place for that! You can be sure, I’ll definitely be writing my heart out for a long time to come!

Although, it’s definitely a lot of work even if I’m having a blast doing it. Which means, I need to figure out ways to lessen the strain of actually working on this content that I love to produce while still keeping it fun and stress free! And unfortunately, that kinda lead to me having to cut something. My choices? Either The Daily Backlog or the podcast. And ultimately I’ve decided on the podcast. I could have just cut down on the number of posts I do for the Daily Backlog, but to be frank, it’s my favorite part of what I do right now! It lets me share my experiences with all of you as I tackle my backlog! And really that’s the whole point of this project! The podcast on the other hand, although fun, takes a lot of work and time to produce, record, edit and publish. And with it only being a monthly release, it seemed the obvious choice. It took up time that at this point, I think I’d prefer to use to improve the website and keep the fun new content rolling out each day!

Fear not though! I am still going to be recording one last episode. I mean, I already wrote all my notes down for dang sakes! And this change may not be permanent either. You never know, you may see a new episode drop into your podcast app of choice and grace your earholes sometime in the future.

Who’s that Atari

Next up, is Atari Month! If some of you don’t remember, that’s ok, but this month (May) was supposed to be Atari Month. Where I’d go through my entire Atari 2600 collection and try to clear one game from it each day for the Daily Backlog. Unfortunately, that is going to have to be delayed. What? More bad news?? Tell me about it!

And this has nothing to do with desire, just a streak of busy work that has to be done before I’m ready to commit to the plan. For one, I was unable to get the components in time to modify the system, so I could capture screenshots for all of you. That’s kinda what I wanted to do to kick the whole thing off. You know, write a post about the mod and the process of installing it. It’s really what motivated me to want to do this, so I think I’m going to wait until it’s ready. Which will probably not be until next month, if not a little later.

Secondly, I have a few reviews that I’m chipping away at that I’d like to have published in the next couple of weeks. Although I’m not obligated to get these things out, I do feel obliged to do these games justice. That and I love being able to shine some light on these fantastic indies and lesser known Japanese releases. Especially since the devs and publishers were kind enough to send review keys over. We’re a small shop here and it makes me proud that we’re able to do our part, even if it’s small.

So that about it on the Atari front. I was just unprepared and preoccupied with other work that needed to be done for the site. I assure you though, it’s coming, and I’m excited to work on it! I’m not the biggest Atari 2600 fan out there, but the whole point of tackling the backlog is playing games you may not have wanted to otherwise. And that’s part of the fun!

Track that Backlog

Finally, and this is on a much brighter note, I’ve been making some headway on my homegrown backlog tracker for the website. I still have a ton left to do before it’s ever ready to see the light of day, but I think this thing is going to transform how I track my backlog and how I present it to all of you.

For example, I’ll be able to tie specific game tags to my posts or other descriptors that’ll allow me to filter my game list based on them. Which would then allow me to list all posts where a game was mentioned. This would make finding content that covered these games much easier. Another example would be showing some fun statistics about the backlog, like total percentage completed in a particular genre along with many other things! And of course some internal polling systems for selecting a new game to play that doesn’t rely on Twitter. Which can be a bit limited at times.

I’ve only been picking at it here or there during my spare time, but it reminds me of why I love programming and web design. Believe you me,  I’m super excited to show it to you guys!!

89, The ISBN Group Identifier for Korean Books

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! Although there was some bad news in today’s post, I’m excited for the prospect of improving the site and creating more entertaining posts for all of you!! It’s a hobby I’m truly passionate about and I hope it comes through in my writing. I’d also love to hear your feedback!! So don’t hesitate to send me an email (links below) or tweet at me on Twitter (@BacklogOdyssey) with your thoughts!! Don’t worry, I can take your criticisms, sideways glances and silly antics. You put up with mine on a daily basis after all!

Until tomorrow backloggers, have a great rest of your Wednesday!!

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