A quest to conquer an ever growing backlog of games.

The Daily Backlog 91

Between musings of tea flavors and stacks of backlogged games, what’s a lowly backloggers to do!!

Tea Flavored Tangents

Happy Friday backloggers!! On a lazy Friday like today, one needs to ask the important questions in life. Like, when will work end? Is it time to go home yet? And most importantly, which is better, iced black tea or iced green tea? An excellent question if you were to ask me. And since I’m asking myself, I shall answer thusly. Iced green tea everyday of the week.

Sure iced black tea can be delicious, with it’s raspberries or peaches, but when I need my thirst quenched I’ll usually go for the green. Probably because it’s a much more subtle taste that doesn’t punch you in the face with flavor. Unless of course you’re going for the “unsweetened” stuff, but that’s just heresy anyways so it doesn’t count. No, green tea, is delicate, light and lacks any distinguishable flavor. Which makes it perfect for adopting the earthy sweetness of honey if your into that kind of thing. And that’s why it’s a winner in my book.

Now that I got that thirst quenching tangent out of my system, let’s talk backlogs people! More specifically, since we’re already 91 posts into this whole daily backlog thing, let’s talk backlog progress and where we’re going next!!

Oh My, That’s Big

So, after 91 posts and a backlog that just won’t quit, I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with my progress so far! I mean, we have 25 completions! And that brings the grand total of backlogged games in my collection down to 725! It’s still a significant number, but considering when I started this project I guesstimated that I completed, on average, 16 games per year. Which is crazy because I’ve already blew that statistic out of the water! And it’s only May!

But where do I focus my attention next? Well, according to my always handy Backloggery list, my largest collection of backlogged games can be found on the PS3 (81), PS4 (112), Xbox 360 (96) and Xbox One (69). Looking at those number it makes a whole bunch of sense. Mostly due to the advent of digital purchases. It’s not hard to see I kinda went a little haywire. What with the overabundance of sales and the fact that it was just too easy to buy games on a whim. Also, when the whole “free games every month” thing started I downloaded everything they gave me whether I actually wanted to play it or not.

And just as a little reminder, here’s a screenshot of my entire backlog! The red U’s are my backlogged games and the yellow C’s are my completed games.

But it begs the question, should I start with my biggest collections? Or would it make more sense to focus on the smaller ones? Get them out of the way and then I don’t have to worry about it. Or, should I just keep doing the occasional theme and select random games from my entire library based on that? It’s this kind of stuff I torment my wife with every day!

Another approach that my wife has been encouraging (and enforcing), is selecting games from my collection that I would normally pass up. Mostly because when it comes to the time when I’m cleaning up the final dregs of my backlog, I don’t want to be stuck with all stinkers. And I gotta agree with her. Honestly, it makes the whole process super fun! I’m always excited to see what she comes up with! I did however, request to have her come up with a more bearable list next time around though. You know, something that doesn’t included another fishing game like Bass Masters Classic!

That’s What She Said

Regardless of how I approach my next venture into the backlog, I gotta say, I’m having an absolute blast with this project. And although I’ve made a lot of progress so far, that 725 is an intimidating number no matter how you look at it! But the most exciting part is the prospect of finding a gem in this dusty old pile, that may end up becoming a new favorite!

But I’d also like to hear what you guys think? How would you approach such a daunting task and do you have any suggestions on where I should go next? Also, if you’re curious what games are actually included in this list, follow the Backloggery link below to be transported to the land of my backlog!

Backlog Odyssey Backloggery

91 is the Atomic Number of Protactinium

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! It’s Friday after all, so I think it’s about time to play way more video games than humanly possible. Which includes sinking a bunch more time into Destiny 2,  and of course, work on some of those reviews I should be working on. Oh and I may have some more bones to pick with Destiny 2 (not surprising), but I’ll save that for another day.

Speaking of which, I started the interesting and fun visual novel by PQube called Our World is Ended so keep an eye out for more on that starting next week! Probably…

Until Monday folks, have a great weekend!!!

Currently Playing

Moero Chronicle Hype (Switch)

Our World is Ended (Switch)

Destiny 2 (Xbox One)

Total Backlogged Games: 725 …the number of games still incomplete in my backlog

Total Completed Games: 25 … the number of games I completed from my backlog just this year!

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