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The Daily Backlog 92

So how do you play Destiny 2 when it doesn’t want you to play it? You don’t, you just buy Borderlands!

Now This is a Shlooter

Good day backloggers and happy Monday!! I’m of two minds when it comes to Mondays really. On one hand, it’s Monday and the whole having to go back to work thing is a thing. But on the other hand, it’s Monday so that means I’ve probably sunk a significant portion of time into whatever game/s I have on the docket. So now I have a bunch to talk about! That second half probably only pertains to the blog though. If I didn’t have that then I’d just be stuck with the work part. And that’s no fun. Regardless, I’ll take the lots of stuff to talk about thing and run with it!

So, as you would expect from someone who is playing Destiny 2, the wife and I were playing a whole bunch of Destiny 2 this weekend. And honestly we were struggling with whether or not we would be playing it much more beyond that. So much so, that we may have picked up the Borderlands Handsome Jack collection on the Xbox One just so we could get some proper shlooter action in. I was hankering to play it ever since we started Destiny 2, so it was bound to happen.

Smoke and Mirrors

You see, Destiny 2 has a way with it, that discourages you from wanting to playing it. It likes to dangle all the cool stuff you could have, but then never gives it to you. Well, unless you know what you should be doing. Which more often than not, is completely different than what you want to be doing. For example, what I would want and expect to do in an RPG, is to juggle between the main quest and side quests all the while being rewarded with meaningful items and weapons that make me feel like I’m actually making progress. Then once I beat the game, I can tackle some of the harder quests to find the truly powerful stuff.

Sure, Destiny 2 does this to an extent, but with how it’s set up, it kind of feel lopsided and unbalanced. More often than not you’re just slogging through the story picking up useless items and underpowered gear. And who wants to do that! Is it wrong to want to be rewarded with useful items during the showpiece portion of the game? I thought so anyway. I get that you get to enjoy the story, but I’d also like to have fun playing the game too. No, with Destiny 2, the best and funnest parts of it are hidden behind the things I didn’t want to do, or at least the things I thought I didn’t want to do. Like the Crucible (deathmatch), Gambit (horde mode) and Strikes (team based hard missions). The parts that require you to interact with random people on the internet.

Do You Want Me to Play or Not?

And guess what? The moment we started playing these modes, we instantly started getting fun and powerful gear again! We started leveling up at a decent pace and best of all, we became motivated to play more. It took us finally giving in and playing what we didn’t want to play, that revitalized our desire to loot and shoot in space. There were challenges to complete, bounties to work towards and items to be had.

But Destiny 2 being Destiny 2, didn’t let our loot high go on for too long. Because if you read the fine text (it’s bold and colorful), you’ll notice that the best rewards are only doled out once per week… by completing weekly challenges.

Sure, you can keep playing it after you complete those challenges, but you won’t get anything more powerful than what you already have. And that’s when we determined that Destiny 2 is not a game you can play endlessly for hours on end. No, it’s a game that you just come back to here and there and pick away at it until you’re bored with it’s BS. I’m sure we’ll still try to finish up the DLC and we may jump back in once the next set of challenges unlock, but I’m not sure how much more of this we can take. All it’ll really take is something more engaging to fall in our lap, that doesn’t require significant amounts of down time to play, and allows us to play it as much as we want before we move on. Something like Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection.

Which we now have… so there ya go.

There are 92 Johnson Solids

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today!! Our Destiny 2 shenanigans are starting to wind down and I’m thinking we’ll be putting it to rest in the very near future. Mostly because it doesn’t seem like it wants us to play it! I’ll reiterate that it’s certainly a solid game and I can see why so many people love it, but I just don’t think it’s giving me what I’m looking for.

But, once we finish that there will be more room for more games! And I can’t complain about that!! In fact, another game I’ve been playing a whole bunch of is Our World is Ended by PQube and it’s probably night and day when compared to Destiny 2. In that it’s exactly what I expected and wanted in that style of game. But I’ll save that for my review of the game which should be coming sometime this week. So look forward to that!!

Until tomorrow backloggers, have a great rest of your Monday!!

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