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I take a look at the visual novel that alters your reality, Our World is Ended from PQube and Red Entertainment!

A Cube of Entertainment

Good day backloggers!! Have you ever wanted to read a book but didn’t want to put in the effort to actually turn a physical page? And what’s with those pictureless, word filled pages anyways? Then you think to yourself, maybe I’ll play a video game! But the thought of having to use your reflexes or needing to actually think about what you were doing felt like too much of a chore? Yeah, me too, that happens sometimes. We want our entertainment, but we don’t want to work for it. I get it.

Luckily, if you like low effort and visual entertainment, we have movies! But that’s not what I’m actually here for, that would be silly. This is a video game blog after all. No, what I’m here for is the video game equivalent of a movie, Metal Gea… sorry, wrong game. Visual Novels!! You know, those mysterious games from Japan that are on occasion mistakenly associated with the adult entertainment industry, but are actually a genre filled with intriguing stories, unique characters and the occasional story changing choices! They’re also great games for kicking back, grabbing your favorite snack and just enjoying the ride! Kinda like movies, or books I guess if you’re into the whole page turning thing.

And lucky for me, the fine folks over at PQube we kind enough to send me over one of their most recent VNs, Our World is Ended! It also has all of the above qualities! Minus the adult entertainment industry thing. Though I can’t say it’s pure of heart either.

Anime in the Palm of your Hands

In Our World is Ended, you play as the not so useful, but overused Reiji, a college student who happened to land a job at the eccentric and less than successful game development studio, Judgment 7. Reiji’s job at Judgement 7 is to be the lackie who puts up with and fulfills odd jobs at the whims of his co-workers. But one hot summer day, something goes wrong while testing the new AR helmet, his boss, Owari “The Perverted Programmer” created. Mr. Owari is the proprietor of Judgement 7 by the way.

Now, instead of showing Reiji lewd pictures projected on billboards or changing his partner Yuno’s cloths into a bathing suit, Owari’s W.O.R.L.D. program crashes without warning. Then after a moment of darkness, Reiji is left with images of a destroyed and post apocalyptic world. But these strange happenings aren’t confined to the AR helmet or the W.O.R.L.D. program because bizzare and unexplained phenomenon begin to occur in the real world!

A pretty interesting concept if I do say myself. Well, with the added twist of it being as anime as heck. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing. If anything the goofy characters suit the game well and add a lot of flavor to the overarching story. You have the over the top Iruka No. 2 who enjoys getting over excited and yelling nonsense, the bubble headed Yuno and her assertive tomboy sister Asano, the dirty minded Owari, and finally the gothic and cold Natsumi who doesn’t think too highly of our intrepid hero Reiji! Oh, and there’s the prodigal programming child Tatiana, but I haven’t met her yet. Certainly a mixed bag of characters!

And they all work together to make a dynamic team who is constantly at odds with Owari’s  ecchi and nosebleed inducing shenanigans. It’s all very entertaining! I will say one of the highlights is how well the localization team did with the dialog. It all flows very well and it’s easy to follow. And funny! There are of course the occasional “anime-esk” one liners, but really they just add to the charm of the game!

Our World is VN

Being a visual novel there really isn’t much to say about the gameplay in Our World Is Ended. All you’ll really be doing is clicking a button occasionally when the dialog changes. Or activating the auto mode so you don’t even have to remember to do that! That and you’ll have to make a choice or two while interacting with a character, that may or may not affect how the story plays out. But that’s not what your here for anyways when playing these types of games. What you’re usually here for are the quirky stories, the screwball characters and the imaginative artwork!

Which Our World is Ended has in spades! I love the overall aesthetic of the game from the menus, which have a very Person vibe, to the character designs, which have a vivid and modernistic style and of course the story. And all though I haven’t gotten beyond the second chapter yet, I’m really impressed with what the devs were able to come up with. I really don’t play these types of games very often, mostly because I’m a sucker for hackin’ and slashin’, but it’s kinda nice to just unwind with the Switch in handheld mode and just soak it all in. It’s like reading a book or watching a movie, and I kinda dig that.

Our World is Ended may not be for everyone, especially if you’re not a fan of heavily story focused games, or anime in general. But if you’re looking for a good reason to get your Switch time in while you should be sleeping, this game is as good as snuggling up with your favorite manga! Oh and if you’re a fan of Visual Novels, you definitely shouldn’t miss this one!! Though at $59.99 it may be a bit of a tough sell, but that physical version is pretty dang nice!!

If you’d like to check out Our World is Ended you can buy it right now on the Nintendo eShop! I’ll leave a link below.

Our World is Ended

The First Number in the Third Triplet of Consecutive Semiprimes

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today!! When I first started playing Our World is Ended I was struggling with how I would write a review for it. I mean, with it being a story focused game with very little “gameplay”, I would really just have to critique the story. And without playing the game to the end, I couldn’t really scrutinize it fairly. So, instead, I thought I’d just share my initial impressions with you guys this time around and once I actually finished the game, I’d release a more comprehensive review of it’s story! I’ll try to avoid spoilers, I promise.

Until next time backloggers, have a great rest of your Tuesday!!

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