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It’s finally time to dive into Dragon Ball Super! It’s cool, crisp and delicious, but does it stand up to Dragon Ball Z?!

Nostalgia Makes the Dragon Ball Grow Stronger

Welcome back backloggers!! Sometimes in life, there are things we hold near and dear to our hearts. Something that we look back on fondly with rose colored glasses. Something like Dragon Ball. That’s probably just me. Oh, and the millions of other Dragon Ball fans out there. Sure, it’s not the same as you remember while watching it in your adulthood, (or maybe it is) but you still revel in every moment that Goku powers up his Spirit Bomb. Even if it does take five episodes. But what if this something (Dragon Ball) made a come back? What if the creators expanded the world you loved for so many years and did what you only dreamed they would do. Make more Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Super to be exact!

Okay, I know that GT exists, but we all tend to forget that. By choice for the most part. Well, at least the creators of Dragon Ball Super did because there isn’t really a trace of it anywhere in Super. I still can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing… Regardless of how on the fence you are about the shunned bastard child of DBZ, Dragon Ball Super is here! Technically, it’s been here for a while, but my wife and I finally finished our DBZ marathon this past month and it’s about dang time for us to dive into this long awaited sequel!! And I have a few thoughts I need to get off my chest.

Dragon Ball Delta

First off, when watching Dragon Ball Super I get that distinct feeling you get when you meet up with an old friend you haven’t seen for years. Instantly, you can tell it’s them, they sound the same, but a little different, they look the same, but a little different. They’re older, a little wiser, and more mature (from time to time). But because the gap in time between when you last saw them versus now is so great, those differences seem minute. Almost indistinguishable. In our case though, since we only finished watching Dragon Ball Z a couple of weeks ago, these differences seem much more noticeable!

For example, the quality difference of the video is night and day compared to the much older Dragon Ball Z! Super is so crisp and perfect! Almost too perfect actually! In fact, it gives me the same vibes I would get when watching some of the latest Pokemon anime. It’s colorful and bright and exudes that Saturday morning cartoon feeling. Honestly, it almost cheapens the experience. I kinda liked the sketchy inconsistent aesthetic of the older series and although it could be quirky at times, it was charming and nostalgic. Super on the other hand is inconsistent in different ways, which are made more apparent because of the increase in resolution. It’s minor really, and I truly appreciate the bump in fidelity because when it’s good, it’s GOOOD, but I do miss the warmer fuzzier days of the mid 90’s Dragon Ball.

Truthfully though, my absolute favorite part of Dragon Ball Super so far (we’re about half way through the first season), is how spot on it is. It really is exactly what I wanted from a follow up to Dragon Ball Z. Unlike GT, Super takes place less than a year after the last season of Z! That means all the same characters, that you fell in love with are still there! Young Goten and Trunks, Vegeta, Mr. Buu, all of them!! And the geniuses over at Funimation were able to scrounge together all the original voice cast (I like to watch it dubbed)!! All the new characters they’re introducing are fun too, but when I hear Mr. Satan being his belligerent self, AND he sounds like Mr. Satan, I can’t help but squeal belligerently myself! That’s right, I’m that excited (and possibly pathetic). That being said, some of the voices are a bit off. Even though they may have the same voice actors. Which is okay, and not that big of a deal, but since everyone else is so on point, it’s hard to ignore.

Have a Super Day

All in all, I’m really enjoying Dragon Ball Super so far. It has its points of contention, but that doesn’t stop it from being great. And those points are most likely because it really hasn’t been that long since we finished Z. I’m super excited to see where the story will take us and I can’t wait to watch more!! That and I see that Frieza is on the cover of the Season 2 Blu Rays. You gotta know that Patty needs to know what that’s all about!

I’ll also have to go back and try out GT once I finish Super. It may not be canon anymore, but I want to experience the awfulness of that goofy and ridiculous Super Saiyan 4 form!! That and Vegeta’s legendary and slightly off putting growth of a mustache.

97 is a Happy Prime

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today!! I know, I know, I didn’t talk about any backlog shenanigans, but after waiting to watch Dragon Ball Super for so long, I had to say something!! I promise I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled Daily Backlog ramblings tomorrow!!

Speaking of which, the wife and I started playing Overcooked on the PS4 and i gotta say, I haven’t had that much hectic fun playing a co-op game in a long time!! I’ll save it for tomorrow though.

Until then my friendly neighborhood backloggers, have a great rest of your day!!!!

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