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Cooking with friends is fun, but bumping them off a cliff into a volcano while trying to deliver a pizza is priceless!

Get in the Way Simulator

Good day backloggers!! Have you ever heard of the expression, “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen”? You know, where there is more than one person trying to do the same task, but all they’re doing it getting in the way of each other! Sometimes playing games can be like that. You and your gaming partners are all trying to tackle a challenge but instead of helping each other, all you’re doing to adding to the confusion. This is especially true if you’re playing a game that takes that age old expression literally.

“What game would that be?”, you may ask if you hadn’t already deduced the answer from the article’s thumbnail. To which I reply, “why, if you look at the thumbnail, such knowledge shall be passed unto you!” and after a moment’s pause filled with the silence of confusion, I more plainly state “Overcooked!”. A game developed by the ever talented Ghost Town Games. That’s right! In the lull between games, my wife and I decided to try out this cooperative, get in each other’s way, cooking simulator! Much to our surprise it hooked us with it’s hectic, fun and hilarious antics the second we booted it up!

Cookin’ for a Livin’

In Overcooked, you work for the Onion King where you must train as a chef to improve your cooking skills. And the reason you’re given this task is so that you can satiate the eternal hunger of some malevolent anthropomorphic spaghetti and meatball giant that will invade the world sometime in the future. A unique concept to be sure.

Basically, to prepare for this invasion, you’ll be traveling through time and the world map, visiting various locations and completing cooking challenges. These challenges can include preparing pizza, burgers, various types of soups and burritos! Which seems simplistic and straightforward on the surface, which it kinda is. But once you start diving into the various ways the devs try to mix it up and stump you, you’ll see it becomes quite frantic pretty dang fast! Especially if you try to play it single player, which will have you controlling more than one chef at the same time. Switching back and forth as you need them.

In fact, I highly recommend you play it with more than one person if you can! Because once I started having to avoid obstacles and environmental hazards while also trying to wash dishes, chop ingredients, cook the food and delivering it, my brain just kinda gave up on me! I mean, no one should have to deal with cooking burritos in a volcano or frying up fish and chips on a glacier all by themselves!

I Chop, You Cook

Although having a partner helping you with your tasks is a huge help, you’ll more often than not, get in each other’s way! Well, I should reword that… I’ll always get in my wife’s way. But that’s what makes playing it so fun! It’s the perfect combination of collaboration, coordination and hindering your teammates! You’ll be barking orders at each other, bumping each other off of ledges and scraping through the challenges by the skin of your arse! That is until you finally take a breath and start working together. Which is the absolute best part! It’s an amazing feeling when you find your groove and you start cranking out those pizzas like a well oiled pie makin’ machine.

If I had to nitpick about one thing in Overcooked, it would probably be that sometimes the challenges can be a little intense. Even with two people. You’ll find yourself replaying the same stage over and over again trying to get that coveted three star rating! Which isn’t necessary to proceed, but who’s just going to up and leave with anything less?! Monsters I say, monsters! Honestly though, it’s not really a complaint because that’s just a part of the game, and if you practice the stage enough, you’ll get the hang of it!!

When it comes down to it, Overcooked is a fantastic game I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for some chaotic co-op fun! It’s simple enough to pick up and play, but it also challenges you to figure out the best way to efficiently get those orders out the door! One thing I will definitely not recommend though, is playing it solo. My mind just doesn’t bend that way. That and it’s a task in frustration!

If you’d like to check out Overcooked, you can find it right now on pretty much every modern platform under the sun! But you can find the PS4 version (that’s what I’m playing) here:


Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 is a Flight Simulator Program

Well my friends, that’s going to do it for today’s edition of The Daily Backlog!! I just decided to play Overcooked on a whim, and boy am I glad I took the chance!! It’s definitely a fun ride that’ll make you laugh-fight with your spouse or significant other!!

Oh and you may noticed my backlogged games list has changed a bit. That’s because I may have been doing a little backlog auditing as it were. But I’ll leave the details for tomorrow!

Also, the big 100th Daily Backlog post is just about here and I’ll be giving away a game in celebration! You can vote on which game I’ll be playing next (and giving away) by voting on the current poll, so go check that out!!

Until next time backloggers, have a great day!!

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