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Spring is in the air and I think it’s time to clean up this dusty ole backlog!

It’s That Time of Year

Happy day before Friday my Thursday backloggers! You know, sometimes I miss things. And when I say that, I don’t mean “I miss them” as in, I wish I saw them more. But miss them like, I didn’t even realize it was there. It happens with the backlog a lot! There are a lot of games on there after all. I’d also say that it wasn’t my fault, but hey, I was the one that made it that way. Can you blame me though? I’m only a lowly human backlogger after all! It’s not like I think about those missed games anyways, so it’s not like I’m missing them, if you know what I mean? Now I’m starting to confuse myself…

Anyways, now that Spring has final broke here in the Midwest (it took it long enough!), I thought it was time for some spring cleaning. You know, give the ole backlog it’s annual audit. See if I missed any completed games, or backlog forbid, any incomplete games! And low and behold, my snooping in the darkest corners of the dusty game pile bore some fruit! So, let’s break down what I found! And I may talk a little bit about what my strategy for the next few months is going to be. You know, since the 100th Daily Backlog is “crowning” as we speak. I’m not sure why that was the first analogy that came to mind…

Overcooked, I Blame You!

So, after picking up and playing Overcooked this past weekend, I came to the realization that it was missing from my backlog list. I just so happened to see it in my game library on my PS4 and started playing it. Only after trying to mark it as “Now Playing” on The Backloggery, did I realize that it wasn’t actually tracked!! “Oh, no!”, I thought to myself, “What if there are more games I missed?!”. I like to speak to myself in situations like this, it eases my mind and confuses the cats.

Regardless of my outer-inner monologue, I just jumped on the website and made the appropriate changes and began diving into what I was sure was going to be a multi-hour affair. And my biggest fear would be that I would find more missing games, thus increasing my total backlog. Nobody wants that after all, well… I’m sure I can think of a few people that would be ok with that. If it did turn out that I was in the red again… I may just need to cast my mind spells and make you all forget it even happened. That or eat a few games. You know, for the fiber. Totally not for the benefit of reducing my backlog. I already had my Mini Wheats™ or Raisin Bran™ or whatever people use for fiber these days, so I wasn’t up to that anyway.

Despite going against my best interests, I sally forth’d (is that a word/phrase?) and began my journey into the labyrinth. Hmmm… I should watch that again… it was a good movie. I mean, you just can’t beat a puffy haired Bowie. Luckily, I wasn’t as distracted as I seem to be right now and I was able to clean it all up! And I was in the black! Well, as “in the black” as you can be when you still have over 700 games in your backlog. I could be wrong too, but I think there may have been a pattern to my “missed” games. I’ll let you look at the list and you tell me if you spot the similarities:

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates of Infinity
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
  • Pokemon Fire Red Version
  • Pokemon Ruby Version
  • Pokemon Sapphire Version
  • Pokemon Diamond Version
  • Pokemon HeartGold Version
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Yeah… it seems like there is a lot of Pokemon in that list. And I’m pretty sure I know why these are all here, still incomplete. Well, they’re complete now, I did my due diligence. But the only reason I could muster for why these were still left untouched is that I’m not a Pokemon fan at all. It has way to much “catching it all”. It overwhelms me ok?! Actually, it’s usually my wife that plays them. So, I probably left them open so she could go in there and complete the ones that she played. Which happened to be all the ones listed above! So now, after all that hard work, I dropped my backlogged list down to an impressive 722! Are you impressed yet?? Yeah… me too. I’m sure I still missed a few games to either add or remove, but I think I’m happy with that for now.

It’s Clean! Now What?

With all that cleaning, my head is starting to hurt! But that also begs the question, where do we go from here? Do you have a plan for the rest of those 722 games Patty ole boy? Well, yes and probably. I’m really enjoying this, “Make a poll to select the next game” thing, so I’ll probably continue that. And I also think it could be fun to try and set up theme months. Where I focus on one type of game or console for that entire month!

And of course, I’m still chipping away at making some improvements to the website. Which includes my backlog tracker and some other fun features that’ll make keeping tabs on these games easier, and give you guys some fun things to play around with!

But what I’d really like to hear, is how you guys deal with your backlogs! Do you just randomly select games? Are you more apt to stick to what you know and love? How about the games you’re not sure of? What happens if you’re stuck with those once you finished everything else?

99 Problems and the Backlog Is Apparently One

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for me for today! No matter how you look at it, there’s still tons of games left on that backlog. But the most exciting part is figuring out how to tackle it and how to talk about it! I really hope you all have enjoyed the Daily Backlog thus far, and be sure to stop by tomorrow for my 100th post!!!

I sent out some feelers to see what you guys would like me to talk about, but I’m also thinking about ranking and ranting about the games we’ve completed so far!

Until then, have a great rest of your Thursday!!

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Overcooked (PlayStation 4)

Total Backlogged Games: 722 …Hooray for a drop in the bucket!!

Total Completed Games: 26 …at least it’s going up…though I’m not sure how it would go down 🤔

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