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The Daily Backlog | Day 1

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One out of a zillion or something

Welcome Backloggers to The Daily Backlog! My little corner of the deep dark internet where I will chronicle my latest backlog antics, detail updates to the blog and podcast and jabber on about any other nerdy topics that come to mind!

With that out of the way, I can officially say I’ve made it through day 1 of 2019, the year of the backlog. And in my opinion it’s going pretty dang well. Not that it’s been overly difficult considering it has only been one day, and with the great haul of games I received over the holidays, along with Resident Evil 2 (one of my only allotted game purchases of 2019) coming at the end of the month, I think I should be satisfied for a while. Of course after a week or so, I’m sure I’ll be feeling the game buying pangs again. But I’ll persevere, I promise!

And speaking of tackling the backlog, I did a quick inventory of my current list of unplayed/unfinished games and it clocked in at the shockingly high number of 630ish! Give or take a couple dozen since I know I’ve beaten and bought a handful of games since the last time I updated the list. My goal for the next week is going to be rifling through all my shelves (both physical and digital) again and making sure the count is more accurate, and keeping up with the updates as I finish games.

A Little House Keeping

My other big goal for this next week is working on some of the updates for the website, and since you’re reading this you know that one of those features is complete! The Daily Backlog section!! I’ll be posting entries like this one each day there and you can find the page listing each and every post by clicking that fancy blue The Daily Backlog button in the main menu! Next up, work will begin on the Guest Contribution (working title) section and finally I’ll start picking away at the coveted Backlog Odyssey Tracker. You know that feature rich piece of software used to for keeping track of all the games I own. I’m very excited and I hope you’re all just as excited to see the blog transform right before your very eyes!

I’m hoping to try out my first streaming session tomorrow evening but, haven’t quite ironed out the details yet on exactly what time and which games I’ll be playing. I’ll probably tweet out the deets tonight or tomorrow morning so keep your eyes peeled on the Twitters. I’ll be recording the January podcast in two weeks as well so keep an eye out for a few polls related to what we’ll be playing between the January and February pods!

Backlog to Business

Now on to what I’m sure many of you have really come here for. My ACTUAL progress on waging war against my backlog. And I’m happy to say it’s about where it was before the new year started! I’m still chipping away at the fantastic metroidvania Iconoclasts and Monster Hunter: Worlds is still stealing my precious time away from it with its sweet, sweet grind-a-rific goodness.

I will say though I’m getting very very close to finishing Iconoclasts. I’m at that part in every metroidvania where I’m teetering on the edge of “the point of no return” and it’s time to clean up all those collectibles I’ve missed along the way. I could easily sink another five hours into it trying to find everything myself by scouring each and every corner of the map, but instead I’ve opted to follow a collectibles guide to get those last elusive items. And I gotta say, I’m having almost as much fun finding these items as I did playing the rest of the game. I did recently discover there was an secret optional boss so I have that to do before I beat the game as well.

If everything goes to plan, that is, Monster Hunter doesn’t swallow me whole. I’m hoping to have Iconoclasts beaten by this weekend and the first game on the backlog laid to rest in 2019.

As for Monster Hunter, I’d say I’m about half way through the main story. This game wasn’t initially on the docket to be played for the upcoming podcast but my brother surprised me with a copy of the game knowing I’m a huge fan of all things Capcom. That and I shamefully have never played a MonHun in the past.

The game is honestly amazing, addictive and super fun! Much more fun than I expected it to be considering how much grinding I heard you needed to do. It also helps that I’ve been playing with my Wife and Brother so it makes up for the fact that I decided to play as a bow wielder. Which in my defence turned out to be an interesting way to play! It’s exhilarating hunting down the monsters and trying to build yourself up so your both strategically capable and powerful enough to take them down. Not like you can rely on you cute and fluffy Palico partners, even if they do look badass in their Rathian armor.

I’m planning to dedicate a good amount of time into it in the next couple of days, but this game is easily going to bleed into the 100 hour mark. I’m fully expecting to be playing this for the next few weeks, if not more. That’s not going to stop me from playing other games though!

Day 1 Down

And that’s it for me my friends. Day 1 complete. I’m hoping these posts will be a little shorter as the weeks go by (I tend to ramble a lot) but I’m really looking forward to keeping up with it. I hope you all enjoy it as well. Let me know what you think either in the comments section below or by throwing those tweets at me!

Until tomorrow, have a great night backloggers!

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