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The Daily Backlog | Day 10

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Backlog it’s Friday

It’s Friday everyone! The day that makes you wish it was actually Saturday and instead of doing “work” you melt into your computer chair and stair at your retina burning computer screen for the next 8 hours. That blue light is bad for your eyes so consult your optometrist before proceeding. That or get up and walk around for a bit. Ha! Like that’s going to happen.

So after 10 days, which was probably way to long and agonizing, the Twitter poll used to determine which category of games we’ll be tackling this next month finished up! The trend was set pretty early on, but I was actually surprised to see so much love for the retro consoles. Not that it’s that surprising considering retro gaming love has been spreading pretty consistently over the past few years. Regardless, I’m pretty excited! Now I get to play around with my RetroTINK some more! Here were the results after 12 votes:

Modern Consoles: 33%

Retro Consoles: 50%

Handheld Consoles: 17%

And with that you have all spoken and controlled the fate of the February podcast! The next step was to enlist my wife to help me randomly choose four games from the Retro Consoles category. The only limit I gave her was no console later than the PS1. I also didn’t want to include handheld games since that was its own category nor did I want to include PC games since trying to figure out what’s considered retro on the PC was way too much work. And without further ado here is the list she came up with!

Clay Fighter (SNES)

Thunder Force II (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness (PlayStation 1)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (NES)

A pretty eclectic mix if I do say so myself! So far it looks like Clay Fighter is in the lead, but I’m excited to play each and every one of them. Regardless of which one wins I think the next month will be full of some retro backloggin’ goodness! Since each of these are pretty short I’ll probably play more than one of them, but the vote is primarily for determining which one I’ll focus on first! If you’re unhappy with the results so far then go out and vote for your favorite title here!

Also, if you’d like to see the unfinished games that we had to choose from in the retro console category then check out my list here on The Backloggery!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race or Something Like That

No updates on the Monster Hunter front today, just lots and lots of Dragon Ball Z! Though I just heard that Geralt from the Witcher 3 or maybe it’s just Witcher 3 content will be coming to the game in February! The Witcher 3 was one of my favorite titles of this generation so I’m excited to see what Capcom will do with it. Definitely expect more updates on that front in the days to come, and I’m sure I’ll be playing this well into February so no worries about missing it.

Although we have that wonderful list of retro games to play this next month the Resident Evil 2 remake comes out at the end of the month. I mean, it’s one of the only “new” games I’m allowed to buy this year and to not play it the second it comes out would be absolute heresy! I think this next month is going to be an exciting one!

Ten out of Ten Backlogers Prefer It

Welp, that’s about it for today my dear backloggers! I can’t wait to see what we come up with for this month’s games! Backlog cataloging is still coming along, I think I’m about 70 or 80 percent through my games. Expect a much more accurate account of my collection very soon!

Until tomorrow have a great Friday! And if I don’t see you until Monday, have a great weekend!

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