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The Daily Backlog | Day 12

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Z if for Drawn Out

Good morning Z Warriors!! That’s right I watched a lot of Dragon Ball Z last night!

I’ll tell you one thing, now that I’m coming on the end of the first season of DBZ, I’ve come to a conclusion – Dragon Ball Z is a frustrating show to watch. I absolutely love watching it, and it’s exciting and fun, but man do they like to drag this stuff out. I honestly don’t know how I watched this show when it was televised. It would be infuriating having to wait an entire week just to watch Goku, yet again, fly a third of the way back along Snake Road. Then another 2 or 3 episodes of him flying to the fight once he makes it back to Earth! But then you get to the parts you’ve been pining for, like the kaioken 3 fight with Vegeta, and all wounds have been healed.

I have no doubts in my mind that I’ll be picking up the second season once we finish this one though. I can’t wait for the 10 episodes of space travel to Namek!

One Shot is not Enough

Aside from having conflicting viewpoints on Dragon Ball Z, I was able to try out the new and exciting Resident Evil 2 “1-Shot” Demo on the PS4 (I think it’s available on the Xbox One and PC as well). It was genius on Capcom’s part to only give us frothing super fans 30 minutes to play this demo because I’m am literally sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the game to release at the end of the month.

My initial impressions are pretty positive as well, it has that classic RE 2 vibe, but with the modern Resident Evil sensibilities and control schemes. And let me tell ya, the graphics are fantastic! Think Resident Evil 7, but third person and back in the Raccoon City Police department! I seriously can’t wait for it to be release and I think this is going to be one of those games that I’ll play to absolute death once it does.

I made lots of good progress in Monster Hunter: World as well! I was finally able to find all of the mysterious Rathian clues and the story mission to fight it was opened up. And of course once I beat it more of the game opened up, more gear became available and I’m overwhelmed again! Yay for Monster Hunter!!

I may have to check an FAQ or something to see how far I am in the game. Because from my perspective it seems like it could easily be a bottomless pit of, find new monster, unlock more gear, get overwhelmed, repeat. But as of this moment I have no problem with that!

On the Twelfth Day of Backlogs

Well, that’s pretty much all I have for today my fellow backloggers! And look at that, I actually kept it pretty short! The poll for the next month’s games is up in a couple of hours so vote if you can and I’ll report back tomorrow!

I’ll see you then!

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