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The Daily Backlog | Day 13

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Good morning all! It’s Monday again! Isn’t it weird that Monday happens every week yet we’re never prepared for the adulting we have to do when it rears its head around the corner?

Anyways, the poll for the games we’ll be playing this next month finished up yesterday! Clay Fighter on the SNES won by a landslide, which if I’m going to be honest with you, I wasn’t really expecting. Though I’ve played it in the past and all of its sequels, I never really considered it a classic, just a niche, goofy fighter from the 90’s. I am, on the other hand, extremely excited to play it! If for nothing else other than to relive my childhood memories of going to the local video store, picking this game up and playing it with my friends for countless hours.

And for those who are curious, here were the final results of the poll after 7 votes:

Clay Fighter (NES): 57%
Thunder Force II (Genesis/ Mega Drive): 14%
Ninja: Shadow of Darkness (PS1): 14%
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (NES): 14%

Since Clay Fighter isn’t your standard game with a linear story and you could literally play it for all eternity, I think I’ll consider it complete and officially “un-backlogged” when I beat the Arcade Mode or equivalent for each and every character. I’ll be starting today, so expect to see some updates in the days to come! Let me know which character you’d like to see me start with as well!

Before I move on, some of you may have noticed there are two “Mystery Games” listed in my Now Playing list. And although I can’t talk about them just yet, I should be able to really really soon! One of them later this week and the other at the end of the month! I wouldn’t consider them standard backlog business, so I’m looking forward to talking about them. Keep an ear to the ground for more info soon!

Bloodborne more like Rusty-borne

Now that we have a new game (as well as a couple of mystery games) to play for the next month I’m hoping the “Backlog Progress” section of these posts start getting a little more varied and interesting. I mean, I can only say, “Hey, I farmed for gear in Monster Hunter!!” so many times before it sounds like I’m an overly obsessed grinding machine.

On that note – Hey, I farmed for gear in Monster Hunter last night! Actually, I didn’t even plan to play much Monster Hunter last night since my original plan was to help my brother (the guy doing the music for my podcast) clean up his run of Bloodborne. He’s about ready to get to the end game and try to tackle the infamously difficult DLC boss, The Orphan of Kos. I haven’t beaten this guy either, since he’s a horrible flurry of difficult to dodge attacks and he has like 1500 forms to get through. He ended up not being able to play so instead I just messed around to get used to the controls again. It’s been a few months since the last time I played it so there may be a few performance hindering mineral deposits formed on my skills.

I will say this, after booting up the game, it really reminded me of how awesome it was. Although, this blog is about tackling my backlog, I may have to revisit Bloodborne one of these days and talk about it. Like the Dark Souls games, From Software really knocked this game out of the park and I would be remiss to never talk about it again.

Backlog the 13th

And that’s about it for today fellow backloggers! I record the January podcast at the end of the week so if you’d like to be a part of it send me your submissions by emailing [email protected]! The theme for this month is your favorite gaming accessories and all written and audio submissions are welcome!

I also have a brand new song to feature in this months podcast that I’m really excited to show you all! It was produced by my brother Zack DiPersio (Bloodborne AWOL guy) with contributions from my wife and yours truly! I’m really looking forward to getting it all into your earholes, as shifty as that may sound. Also, if you visit his instagram (linked in his name) you may get a taste of what we worked on!

Until the fourteenth day of backlog, I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Have a great day!

Currently Playing

Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)

ClayFigher (SNES)

Mystery Game 101

Mystery Game 102

Total Backlogged Game: 743 …dang you Mystery Game 102!!

Total Completed Games: 1 …ClayFigher, will you be my number two?!

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