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The Daily Backlog | Day 14

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Captains log. Backlogdate 2019. It’s January 15th and it’s been 14 days since the start of The Daily Backlog. As of yesterday, I started my first game for the February podcast. One could call it ClayFighter on the SNES, but others call it… well ClayFighter.

That was weird, where was that voice coming from? Anyways, good morning everyone! As you may have gathered from that omnipotent log entry from our icipid captain (who elected him anyways?!) I started the game that you all voted for, well at least the majority of you, ClayFighter!!

Before I get too deep into talking about the game I just want to say one thing, I am 0% good at fighting games. Which by the process of elimination means I am not very good at ClayFighter. Like, at all. To combat this, I’ve decided to test out the variety of controllers I have for the SNES. Well, the two different controllers I currently own. The first being the classic SNES pad, which definitely has its highlights, but is a terrible choice when trying to “trial by fire” your way through a fighting game. The D-Pad itself is serviceable and what I’m actually used to, but the face buttons just feel mushy and less responsive then I would want in a semi-fast paced one on one fighting game.

The second choice was to finally try out my Super Advantage arcade stick. This fancy little device manufactured by Asciiware. I originally found this little gem in my local Goodwill for a steal, and have yet to find a good use for it. I’ve always wanted a controller like this for my SNES for all those beat em ups and fighters that I don’t even own so I could get as close to an authentic arcade feel as possible. And I gotta say, this thing blows the classic pad out of the water, at least for games like this.

Having that freedom of motion of the joystick and the larger clickier buttons made controlling the game all the easier. I was dodging and weaving around Ickybod Crane and hurling snowballs at Blue Suede Goo like nobody’s business. I think I beat the first opponent on my first attempt! Then promptly got my butt handed to me in subsequent fights. The only real disadvantage I had with this controller was that its dirty as sin, and the buttons occasionally stick. To say it needs to be cleaned is an understatement and I may have to sit down and take the time to open this thing up and give it the ole scrubadubdub. But that’s the price you pay for second hand thrift store electronics.

One on One ClayFighting

Aside from my struggles with my SNES controllers, I did have fun with my first session of ClayFighter. The game has a certain charm that makes it really appealing, at least visually, when you first boot it up. Though thinking of how much better the sequels end up being makes me wish I was playing one of them instead of this one. Especially the N64 one.

The controls are really stiff and the moves can sometime be a bit difficult to pull off. And that’s not just a symptom of the controllers I was using. On top of that, the number of moves you have at your disposal seems disappointingly limited which means the game doesn’t feel like it has much variety or depth. But that’s yet to be seen as I play through each of the characters.

It’s all good though because all of  the characters are made out of the most magical of mediums… 3D rendered clay!!

So as I mentioned yesterday, my strategy for tackling this game is to go through the standard arcade mode and beat it with each of the characters. And unsurprisingly, my first choice was Bad Mr. Frosty. One of the mainstays from my younger days. So far he seems fun, but I had to look up an FAQ for him since I had no idea how to pull off any of his moves. Once I did the game got a little easier since I was able to actually do damage to my opponent but even still, I can’t get past the second match. Which happened to be opera singer extraordinaire Helga.

It’s definitely going to take a lot of practice to get to the end, but I’m determined and hopefully I should have good news in the next day or two!


Well that’s about it for today! There wasn’t much to talk about with regards to my progress in Monster Hunter today since it was just a grind and farming fest trying to gear up for the latter part of the game. I’m thinking from this point forward I’ll just drop updates as more interesting things happen in the game. I’ll follow the same trend for any other game I play as well.

Note taking for this week’s podcast is coming along as well and I’m really excited to get this ball rolling! Look out for it at the beginning of next week! And be sure to subscribe using your favorite podcast listening device! You can find all the info on how to do that by following the link in the footer!

Until the midpoint of the week, I’ll be seein’ ya!!

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