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The Daily Backlog | Day 15

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Plastic, PCBs and Components Oh My!

Good afternoon my fellow backloggers!! Today is a special day. Not only is it the “best day of the week” Wednesday (sarcastic quotations), today I can finally increase that completed game count AND I can reveal one of the mystery games I’ve been playing!! It’s no fun though to just reveal those thing right out the gate, so I’m going to blather on about some other random topic first!

After playing some ClayFighter the other day, I had the dilemma of what controller I wanted to use while playing it. Although the Super Advantage had an… advantage… over the classic pad, I still had issues using it. Mainly this thing was dirty and sticky from what I assume was years of abuse, neglect, and the ill advised living conditions of thrift store bins.

With that in mind, I opted to let ClayFighter sit off to the side while I cracked this fancy controller open to give it a good scrub. That, and to satisfy my curiosity of how this hunk of 90’s technology was put together. It always fascinates me to see how these things are made and compare it to how similar products are manufactured these days.

Now that I’m finished getting elbow deep in grey plastic, PCB and electronic components I’m happy to say I reek of isopropyl alcohol and dust! Oh and my SNES arcade stick is now in tip top condition! I’m ready to dive back into some pixelated 16-bit fighting action and kick some clay!

Controlling it DIY style

After tinkering with old school controllers it really had me thinking about what other solutions are out there for our classic console. So I fell down yet another rabbit hole of scouring the internet. It didn’t take me long to stumble upon a great little site called 8bitdo. Now, I’ve heard of 8bitdo in the past, in fact, I have one of there wireless SNES style controllers (the SN30). Which is a super cool little accessory that basically mimics the classic SNES controller, but it’s wireless!! Out of the box, it can connect to your bluetooth enabled PC or consoles such as the PS4 and Switch. Very cool! The coolest thing though is that they also offer a separate receiver that you can connect directly to your SNES. A wireless SNES controller on your SNES!! Mathematical!!

But that’s not why I was here. Although this thing is cool and super useful, what actually drew me back to their site was three letters. D.I.Y.

It turns out now you can buy a DIY kit that allows you to convert an actual and authentic SNES or SFC controller into one of their wireless controllers! No soldering required and it only costs about $20! All that’s required of you is a controller your willing to sacrifice. Which I do! Well, you won’t really be sacrificing it since it’s non-destructive. You’ll just be replacing its guts with new guts. Not something you’d want to do with your own body, but retro console controllers, why the flip not!?

I love this idea, and DIY projects in general. I have a couple of spare Super Famicom controllers that have their names written all over one of these kits. I’m hoping to pick one up sometime in the future so I’ll report back on how it went once I do!

On that note there’s actually a DIY Retron kit in the works as well. Which basically uses a Raspberry Pi plus their proprietary cartridge slot PCB to make your own SNES cart playing clone console! This plus the 8bitdo DIY kit seems like a match made in nerd heaven!

The Mysterious Backlog

So, as teased earlier in today’s lengthy post, this very day is an exciting day because not only can I reveal the title of Mystery Game #2, but I can finally increase that completed game count! The reason being, I finished Mystery Game #1 (unfortunately I still can’t divulge the title just yet)!

I should be able to talk about it at length near the end of the month so look forward to that! I’ll give you a little hint though… it’s a Gamecube game!

Mystery Game #2 on the other hand was sent to me by the gracious and awesome, JRPG publishers extraordinaire, Idea Factory! And that game is, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force on the Switch! I actually completely forgot that I requested a review code for this game sometime last year and was pleasantly surprised to see it in my email the other day! Thank you very much Idea Factory!

Fairy Fencer is an anime as heck JRPG that was originally released on the PS3 and has been ported to the PS4 and PC in recent years. I’m excited to really dive into a game like this on my Switch and I should have more updates in the days to come as I get further and further into it. I do have some reservations about a few things, but all in all it’s pretty dang fun so far. And as expected from an Idea Factory game Fairy Fencer has some pretty amazing and sharp anime character designs. I should have a much more thorough review of it in this month’s podcast so look forward to that at the beginning of next week!

Fifteen’s a number that’s for sure

Welp my friends, that’ll be it for me for today! Lot’s of news, rabbits holes to fall into and brand new JRPGs on the Switch! It’s been a busy week so far but I’m having a blast. I’m also really excited to talk to you all a lot more about my backlog progress tomorrow!

Until then, have a great afternoon!!

Currently Playing

Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)

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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (Switch)

Total Backlogged Game: 742 …it moved!!

Total Completed Games: 2 …wow, I thought that number would be more impressive…

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