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The Daily Backlog | Day 16

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Nerdy Soldering Entertainment

Happy Thursday one and all! Today feels like one of those days that I’m going to make a whole bunch of progress toward beating the games I’m currently playing! That and increase that completed count from 2 to 3 or even 4! The sky’s the limit really and now I regret saying anything because the odds of that happening on this very day, is very slim.

So I’ve been on this kick recently with watching people solder things. I know, exciting right?! But honestly, if you find a talented individual that’s both skilled at this task and can make you laugh. It’s actually quite soothing and mesmerizing. Normally I’d be entranced by Voutar’s (of Voultar’s Mod Shop fame) sensual soldering and modding wizardry, but yesterday or maybe it was the day prior, I discovered this card – Ben Heck.

What really drew me to his channel was this phrase “Ben solders an entire Atari 2600 system from scratch”. From scratch! And it’s true he really does. He extracts each of the components from an original Atari 2600 and hand solders them into a little project board. All the passive components included. And here’s the thing, it actually worked!! In a subsequent video he then takes that little project and rigs it up so he can convert it into a homemade, handheld and fully functional Atari 2600 with a cartridge slot! Man! I am such a nerd!!!….but in no way ashamed of it!

Anyway, not only is it cool to see how all these components come together, but in an age when most electronics, at least those sold to consumers, are constructed and manufactured in mass quantities by machines. It’s all very fascinating and fun to watch. It also helps that Mr. Ben Heck is hilarious to watch. He just randomly mutters movie and game quotes and comes up with stories as he does it. It’s all very entertaining and nerdy and I love it!

If you’d like to melt your brain with nerdy overload and you’re interested to see how an Atari 2600 works I urge you to go check out these videos!

Ben Heck’s Super Soldered Atari 2600

Ben Heck’s Hand Soldered Portable Atari 2600


So a few things happened yesterday when moving toward increasing that completed count! One, I’ve solidified that I’m terrible at ClayFighter and two, I actually moved the story needle a fraction of a percent in Monster Hunter: World!

Determined to complete ClayFighter with each character I’m still climbing that ladder with Bad Mr. Frosty. I think I’m definitely improving with him and I’m starting to see some progress, but the combination of mushy buttons and CPU opponents that think spamming the same moves and jumping around like it’s going out of business certainly makes it a struggle! I just can’t get to the end of the game!! Yesterday I did make it through two thirds or so of Arcade Mode, but it all just seems so inconsistent.

Just when I think I’m getting the hang of things a new opponent appears (I’m looking at you Tiny) and for whatever reason they can widdle my life bar down to nothing in 3 seconds flat. I need to consult their strats coach or something. What it ends up being, at least for Bad Mr. Frosty, is me constantly blocking, then spamming my heavy attacks and throwing a few snowballs until they hopefully die. So far my success rate has been about 15%.

Worry not though, because I’m determined and I’m hoping in the next couple of days I can say I’ve achieved my first victory!

That’s a big Crystal

As is predetermined in the stars and foretold in prophecy, my wife and I played more Monster Hunter. But this time around it was more than just farming for gear! Well, most of it was farming for gear, but I’m happy to say we progressed in the story!

We came to a consensus that we need to move on and see what this new area “The Everstream” was like.  Mostly so we could possible fight some new monsters and get new gear. It didn’t take long though before we realized that we may be a bit under leveled for this place. That won’t stop us from going back of course because you can tell there’s some pretty awesome stuff there. We’ll most likely have to go back and grind some more before we can confidently tackle this place and make any real progress though.

I will say this, The Everstream is pretty dang cool. With giant protruding crystal structures (similar to Seath’s Crystal Caves in Dark Souls) and big lava pit in the lower levels it’s probably one of the most varied places we’ve visited so far. But some progress is better than no progress and I’ll be sure to report back once me make some more significant progress in that front.

That Sweet Sweet Sixteen

Well my partners in all things nerdy, that’ll be it for me today! I didn’t get much done in Fairy Fencer F yesterday, but if your interested in trying it for yourself you can buy it today on the Nintendo eShop!! I should also have more updates for it in the days to come and I’ll also have a much fuller and complete review of the game in this month’s podcast. So look out for that next week!!

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Until the freshest of Friday’s, have a great day backloggers!

Currently Playing

Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)

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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (Switch)

Total Backlogged Game: 742 …holding steady!

Total Completed Games: 2 …who’ll be next on the list?!

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