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The Daily Backlog | Day 18

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Procrastination Station

Good morning! Happy Saturday, and for those that get Monday off for Martin Luther King Day, happy three day weekend!!

Unfortunately, although it was planned for yesterday, recording of the podcast was just not in the cards. Because of my superb procrastination skills and being super tired after a long and busy week I was ready to just sit back and relax. Worry not though concerned citizen or permanent resident of The Backlog Odyssey greater metropolitan area. I’ve rescheduled recording to Monday evening. So a few days late, but I’m pretty dang happy with what I have so far and I’m excited to jump into recording it! That and good things come to those who wait, am i right?! I know, I’m impatient too.

Six Degrees of Lost Planet

So instead of doing the responsible thing and actually recording the podcast last night, I play approximately a metric butt ton on Monster Hunter. I’ve been living with the imperial measurement system for too long so I can’t quantify that metric amount either. I’m sure there’s a conversion thingy on Google somewhere.

That and I’ve also been doing a whole bunch of research on the game for the podcast. What was interesting was that Monster Hunter: World was developed using the MT Framework engine. Which is the engine that Capcom has used for many of its games this generation and last. Starting with Dead Rising and Lost Planet on the Xbox 360. Though those two games used the 1.x version of the engine.

Starting with Lost Planet 2 and going all the way through Monster Hunter: World Capcom has been using the MT Framework for pretty much everything. Other than Resident Evil 7, which used their new RE Engine. But that got me thinking of the changes they made to Lost Planet 2 when it was originally released.

After playing Monster Hunter: World it made me realize that those changes felt very Monster Hunter like. Which I didn’t notice back in the day because I’ve never play a Monster Hunter game until now. That is, they added session based missions where you can join up to four friends to tackle some sort of large monster. There were other types of missions, but that seemed like it’s focus. At the time I was a bit disappointed in the change since I really liked the original formula, but now that I think about, it was actually quite fun. A sci-fi action RPG where you hunt down alien monsters a la Monster Hunter style on a foreign planet with cool assed mechs and fun futuristic weapons?! Sign me up!

So long story short, Capcom needs to revisit Lost Planet and make it the sci-fi Monster Hunter I’ve been dreaming of since yesterday. Instead of the crappy third one that no one liked or played.

18 is one third of 54

And that’ll do it for today fellow backloggers! Lots and lots of Monster Hunter, Lost Planet fantasies and delayed podcasts! I’m hoping to get a whole bunch more in and maybe even beat ClayFighter with Bad Mr. Frosty this weekend, but that’s yet to be seen! I’m also super excited to actually get ‘er done and record this month’s podcast on Monday so look forward to that nearer the middle of next week now. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!!

Until Sunday funday, I’ll see you all tomorrow!!

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