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The Daily Backlog | Day 19

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Raccoon City can fend for itself

Welcome back everyone to the “I’m achy after shoveling the driveway yesterday” Sunday edition of The Daily Backlog! Today I’ll be talking about the games I played and other shenanigans while complaining to my wife that my arms hurt.

So, other big new from yesterday, I ended up canceling my pre-order for Resident Evil 2. I know!!! How could I?! Well, my friends, after much forethought and an excruciating amount of logical thinking I determined that at this point I just wouldn’t have time to play it. With Monster Hunter still going strong and with still playing Fairy Fencer F, it would just be better to wait until both of those games are done before I pick it up.

It was literally the single most difficult and trying times of The Backlog Odyssey I’ve ever put myself through!! Fear not though my fellow Resident Evil 2 fanboys and gals, I’m still going to be picking it up as it’s one of the only games I can actually buy this year. I just need to suffer through watching people enjoy themselves with the remake of one of my favorite games from one of my favorite consoles.

It’s ok, Patrick, breath deep and push it all down.

Three Steps to Clay Filled Success

On a much lighter note, I can actually say my backlog has gotten a bit smaller since yesterday as well!! By that I mean, I’ve beaten this month’s game as chosen by all you fine folks!

Let me tell ya, getting through to the end in ClayFighter was a task in frustration and sore thumbs! For one, it has made me appreciate the much more refined and polished fighting games from recent years. It just didn’t seem like I was going to succeed without resorting to button mashing. But that never really worked out. Actually my strategy was to rearrange the layout of the buttons so that the “Brutal” attacks were on the face button so they were easier to get to. These allowed me to do a little more damage per hit. Though I swear some of the CPU opponents were cheating because no matter how many times I hit them their life bar just didn’t move.

So, start to finish, I was able to beat the game using Bad Mr. Frosty, who for some reason seemed to do about 50% less damage than all of the CPU controlled opponents. Even after getting used to how the game controlled and figuring out how to use the small amount of abilities your given at your disposal it was still a bit of a chore to play and I’m glad I’m finished. Not to say I didn’t enjoy myself, it was kinda fun revisiting a game I haven’t played since the game renting days of my youth. But how fun I remember it being does not reflect how frustrating it actually is today. I can say this for sure though, I’ll probably never play the story mode again, I’ll just leave future sessions to the multiplayer vs. mode. That’s really where all the fun is.

With all that being said, I’ll probably still try to pick up its sequels some day. I’d be excited to see how they improved on the series and to see if that fun factor was increased at all. But, I can call it done, and that’s a win in my book! If you’re curious about how I truly feel about the game, I should have a full review of the game come next month’s podcast. So stay tuned!!

19 is between 18 and 20

And that’s going to do it my friends! Another game completed in the backlog and two JRPGs still clinging on to me for all eternity. Who knows, maybe I’ll have each of the completed by the end of the week! Haha, that’s a funny joke.

Have you ever played ClayFighter?? If so I’d like to hear what you think about it! And you can do that by tweeting at me on Twitter @BacklogOdyssey or by figuring out how that Disqus comment section below works.

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Until tomorrow fellow backloggers, have a great weekend end!

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